Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now Just Imagine Everyone in their Underwear...

One piece- Vintage, Hat and shorts and chain- Forever 21, Sandals- Topshop

...oh wait, I'm actually in my underwear! This frill-tastic vintage one-piece looks like the love child of an apron/lingerie/grandma's window treatment.  Naturally, I had to have it.  This is what I would have worn to Coachella, had I been a lucky attendee!

The only challenge? How to wear it (and still be able to go out in public)! Under shorts, the one-piece bunched up.  Worn loosely as a shirt (with the crotch snaps undone) it just looked weird.  Worn around the shorts, it felt jusst right. Or maybe it still looks weird.  Either way, I love it!  


  1. that top is soooo cute! i love it


    Nicole F.

  2. That one piece is sooooooo beautiful I love it :)

  3. wow, what an amazing shirt! I want it!

  4. Love the look! That blouse is so cute, I'm a big fan of denim shorts and I adore how you wear that hat.

  5. I freaking love this outfit. At first glance, I thought it was a vintage blouse. After reading, I was surprised to find out it's lingerie. Very nice!

    See you tonight. :o)

  6. love your outfit! so cute :D

  7. ♥ So nice post.) Love your blog.) ♥

  8. nice outfit (:

  9. it has coachella written all over it! amazing top. its so charming in all its vintage goodness!

  10. wow i love this lace top!! i wanna have it too! but i just cant find things like that here in germany


  11. Such a pretty top!
    Monique xx

  12. Very coachella-worthy :)
    It was great to meet you yesterday at One Lounge! I'm sure I'll be seeing you at the next meet-up!

  13. ok so you are a vintage master!!! you find the most amazing things i need to hit you to find me little gems like this!! it's amaaazingggg!! and this boots you likes from the planet blue prom shoot are mine ;) they are fiorentini and baker from a couple years ago!! and my bf allllways gets the "dude, you look like orlando bloom" hahahaha!! but he does! anyway, thanks as always for the love, and i hope you have a great weekend!! much love

    ashley <3


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