Friday, January 4, 2013

Friends with Benefits

I got 4 pickles hey hey hey hey 

Photos by Lida Ramsey

Sequin Moto Jacket- Walter Baker (scored at Sample Sale in Chelsea Market, similar here), Scarf- Denada Design, Sweater and Maxi- Thrifted (the sweater is Saks and the "maxi" is a nightgown), Eel Clutch- Vintage, Shoes- Dolce Vita, Jewelry- wholesaler
I : fashion as my best friend Lida : food --- basically, we count on each other to find out about gems in our respective areas of interest.  So when Lida told me she wanted to take me on a tour of the Eat Good Food Group (hey, I like to eat good food!) and several of their restaurants in Alexandria, Va, I didn't hesitate.  We lunched at Restaurant Eve--- It was like finding the secret garden of gastronomy!  It's tucked away in an alley and has a very quiet, relaxing atmosphere.   I would definitely recommend their "Lickety Split" lunch-- any two items on the menu are $14.98.  Loose mermaid dress advisable ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time to Pretend

My first watch since, oh, 7th grade...

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Tunic- random store in NY, Wool Maxi Skirt- Thrifted, Necklace- St. Clair Jewelry, Bracelet- wholesaler, Boots- UO, Wrap-around watch- c/o BCBG Generation

My time zone is currently set to Latino Eastern Standard. Aka chronically 10-15 minutes late (Wait! Before you cry "stereotype" read here). When I was 12, I thought that owning the coveted frosted metal Fossil analog would help fight this tendency AND make me "cool" at the same time (Abercrombie + Fitch, Addidas flip flops, and Express flare jeans can all be included in this category). I soon found that not only was I still late (who could tell time with numberless ticks?), my AIM friends list had not grown in number (MocoMamasita18 was not pleased). I decided to let my chain link watch gather dust along with my stretchy tattoo choker necklace and rhinestone monogram pendant.      

To me, this is a Mexican textile meets-friendship bracelet meets-watch. There's no pressure for me to use it for its intended purpose (umm, being on time for life) because I actually want to wear it with everything.

Did I mention one of my New Years resolutions was to always be 15 minutes early?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Soxxmas

Never thought I'd see the day where I'd be excited about a pair of heels under 4" #growingup

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Dress- Rebecca Taylor (via Net-a-Porter), Jacket- Thrifted, Socks- c/o Soxxy, Boots- Dolce Vita

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday! This dress has become my go-to holiday party dress mainly because a) it gives the illusion of a small waist (all the better to hide my week-long cupcake binge with) and b) it looks like a disco ball (just spin in circles and everyone starts dancing!).  

And now, my Xmas gift to you... free socks! (wait, it gets better)

 Knee high socks and I don't have a good history-- for one, they tend to make me look like a rugby player (thanks a lot, thigh genes), and secondly, they never want to stay put. I was so happy to receive these Soxxys in the mail---- they have a gel grip on the inside that keeps them from sliding down your legs and sagging around your ankles. Sagging generally = the opposite of anything that connotes sexy.

Here's how to enter:

Merry Christmas! xoxoxo

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baroque Creek Park

"Rrrrruff!" -- Thanks dawg, I like these pants too :)

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Hooded Scarf- Denada Design, Blazer, denim shirt, and purse- Vintage, Skinnies- Target, Boots- Urban Outfitters

Went for a romp in the woods with Cheralee a little while back--- this is one of the few things I miss about living in the 'burbs (although Rock Creek Park is still very close)It's a dangerous thing, having a Target one floor down from my gym--- I stopped by to pick up makeup remover and walked out 10 minutes later (in a trance) with 3 pairs of printed skinnies, gloves, and no makeup remover.  Cheap convenience strikes again!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keep Calm and Brunch with Net-a-Porter

Documenting just got a little more exciting  ;)

Faux Leather Peplum top- South Moon Under, Trousers- Vintage, Feather Minaudiere- BCBG Maz Azria (gifted), Spike Necklace- Random jewelry store in NY, Shoes- Guess (via DSW), Notebook- Smythson (c/o Net-a-Porter)

I would have died a happy blogger had I just eaten that upside down chocolate ice cream cone fiesta (the actual name on Bibiana's brunch menu was something more sophisticated, but that's what it was to me!)---- I was thankful as a whole to spend time with some of my favorite local ladies and Net-a-Porter.  It felt like a mission accomplished that the successful designer e-tailer recognized that DC was "having a moment" in fashion and there are actually many women here that frequent their site (myself included, but all I can afford to do for now is drool). Excuse me while I get back to salivating admiring these...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All Night Long

Balmain Fall 12' inspiration

Photos by Lise Silva

Jacket- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), T-shirt- random shop in South Beach, Shorts- Marshalls, Tights- CVS, Pumps- Guess (via DSW)

It was spring break of 2007 and my 19th birthday--- I was stumbling around the streets of Miami, chicken alfredo jumbo slice in hand (sidenote: I'll never forget that pizza, it was the best i've ever had! Unfortunately, it was from the drunk Platform 9 and 3/4 of pizza places and I could never find it again.)  I had gotten separated from my friends and was perusing obnoxious beach t-shirts ("I'm a **insert vulgar female term**, Deal With It!" and "I Slept With Your Boyfriend Last Night" were popular variations that year) And then, the alcohol-driven decision making gods shone their heavenly light on this Lionel Richie T-shirt (**cue angelic music**)--- It was too perfect not to get!  Only happy thoughts come from looking that Jheri curl!

And, unlike most morning-after emotions, I did not regret my purchase when I rediscovered it crumpled up in my purse. Let's take a moment to celebrate the beauty that is Mr. Richie, the art of dance, and 80's fashion:


See? Only happy thoughts:)

Thank you for the positive response and support for yesterday's post! DC will always be my home.  I intend to come back here in a few years and it feels great to know that there is such a strong community here :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Big News, With a Little Help From Drake

 Sequined sistas :)

All things sparkly- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset)

Here are a few snaps from the Red Sprinkle event held at the showroom two weeks ago--- Ashley and I were feeling just a tad festive as you can see.  

And that brings me to our big announcement...

We're pregnant!

Pregnant with excitement that is.  You see, thanks to the undeniable powers of YOLO, we've made some important life decisions:

1) I am moving to New York at the end of January to spend time learning and growing.  I will be interning with a multi-line showroom and taking design classes---- overall, just immersing myself in the industry and learning from people who know a whole lot more than I do :)

2) Ashley is starting her own online store and working towards opening a brick and mortar shop in DC called Anthom.  Think under-the-radar brands and indie designers in a boutique edited for the fashion forward. Watch her progress here :)

So what does this mean for LPM? Well, we're taking a break, a radical sabbatical you might say.  I will still continue to blog and share my new adventure with you, as will Ashley. We will look forward to working together again/collaborating in the future :)

I want to thank everyone who has supported us in and outside the DC community over the past two years---- we feel blessed to have been part of a growing movement and have learned so much!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at

 <3 Katherine 

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