Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All Night Long

Balmain Fall 12' inspiration

Photos by Lise Silva

Jacket- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), T-shirt- random shop in South Beach, Shorts- Marshalls, Tights- CVS, Pumps- Guess (via DSW)

It was spring break of 2007 and my 19th birthday--- I was stumbling around the streets of Miami, chicken alfredo jumbo slice in hand (sidenote: I'll never forget that pizza, it was the best i've ever had! Unfortunately, it was from the drunk Platform 9 and 3/4 of pizza places and I could never find it again.)  I had gotten separated from my friends and was perusing obnoxious beach t-shirts ("I'm a **insert vulgar female term**, Deal With It!" and "I Slept With Your Boyfriend Last Night" were popular variations that year) And then, the alcohol-driven decision making gods shone their heavenly light on this Lionel Richie T-shirt (**cue angelic music**)--- It was too perfect not to get!  Only happy thoughts come from looking that Jheri curl!

And, unlike most morning-after emotions, I did not regret my purchase when I rediscovered it crumpled up in my purse. Let's take a moment to celebrate the beauty that is Mr. Richie, the art of dance, and 80's fashion:


See? Only happy thoughts:)

Thank you for the positive response and support for yesterday's post! DC will always be my home.  I intend to come back here in a few years and it feels great to know that there is such a strong community here :)


  1. You have the best legs everrrr! Love ya!

  2. I looooveee these shorts!! The way you decided to pair it with a crochet blazer was genius, lovely!

  3. You look amazing Katherine- that's something I can totally wear.


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