Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Let's pretend it's spring!"-- NOVA Mag shoot behind the scenes

 Crop tops and blue dress from La Petite Marmoset

All behind the scenes photos by Sebastian Marin (SMf0t0)

We finally get to share photos from an exciting project we worked on! In January, Ashley and I we were honored to have been invited to take part in NOVA magazine's spring style shoot featuring local fashion bloggers Spicy Candy DC, The President Wears Prada and DC Alejandra--- it's great to see that local media has picked up on the influence bloggers are having in the DC area! We visited local boutiques South Moon Under, Current, Pretty People Vintage, Periwinkle, and Shoe Hive to pick out pieces to style (Several LPM items made it in the spread as well!). We had so much fun spending the weekend at a farm--- it was like a big family sleepover.  Our big challenge? It just so happened that the day the shoot was scheduled was also the day mother nature picked to have the one big snow of the season. (In DC, people respond to the mention of "snow" as they did to "atom bomb" in the 60s)How to make it look like spring when there was clearly white fluffy stuff everywhere? Thanks to Marshall's strategic thinking and well executed photography, we were able to get some great naturally lit shots inside the farm house. I kind of want to live there...

Thanks again to NOVA Magazine for including us with in the feature with our clothing line--- we are so happy with the final results! (Doesn't Ashley look gawgeous?)

Monkey See, Monkey Drink

The Marmoset gets corrupted by Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

Photos by Sebastian Marin (SMF0t0) and Marshall Johsnon (The President Wears Prada)

Here are a couple of quick snaps from our 1 year party last week--- we were so thankful for the love and support from our blogger community, models, and friends that showed up!  My inner 5 year old thought it would be fun to make masks for all the guests--- Ashley and I spent the night before cutting and pasting an endless stack onto popsicle sticks (it definitely felt like a kindergarten art project!)  Everyone was on their A game fashion wise-- for more great recaps of what people were wearing, check out TPWP, HighFash4Less, Because I'm Fabulous, Pich Roor, or Heart, Print, Style.  Thanks again for the support!

Also, Adam Mizrahi made this pretty sweet video recap asking guests the question-- "Why do you love vintage?"

La Petite Marmoset 1 Year Celebration from Adam Mizrahi on Vimeo.

Only 1 day left in the LPM 3 Way Style Challenge: Sister, Sister---- Vote for your favorite stylish siblings by liking their picture on facebook here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 3 Way Style Challenge: Sister, Sister (Owww!)

(Tia:) I got my own mind
(Tamera:) I do my own style in my own time...

Man that was a great show! For the LPM March 3 Way Style Challenge, we decided to stir up some sibling rivalry--- we had 3 sets of stylish sisters take on 2 of our reconstructed pieces and show us what family ties are made of.  Check out how the girls worked a floral high low button back top and our high-waisted purple trouser shorts!

Vote for your favorites by liking their photos on Facebook [here]! Winning sisters each get a $25 gift certificate to

1. Natalie and Erika (Fashionably Broke Girls)
Natalie, on their style: "We really have very similar styles when it comes down to it...We will both love a beautiful dress but Erika is more likely the one to grunge it down by pairing it with a pair of combat boots where as Iwould choose a romantic wedge. Overall, my style is a little more beachy and boho and Erika's is just unique.. more of an effortless dumpster chic vibe with her."

2. Ashleigh and Cortnie (The Daileigh and StyleLust Pages)
Clutches from Cortnie's own line- Love, Cortnie
Cortnie, on their style: "While I love showing off my waistline I also love wearing oversized pieces,'s sweaters, thrifted of not, are my kind of thing.  I have a major collection of ballet flats too... you rarely see Ashleigh in those.As a whole, I've noticed both have an easy, laid back style--- neither likes to over accessorize, they let stand out pieces speak for themselves.

3. Jackie and Jessie (sophomore bio major at American University and legal assistant) 
Jesse, on their style: "I would describe my style as feminine chic while my sister's style is a little more edgy. I enjoy brighter colours like turquoise while she usually goes for black/white. We can both buy the same pair of pants or same top and end up making our outfits look completely different due to how we each accessorize. However, there are things we share an affinity for (and fight over) like sequins, fur and of course- Chanel!"

Which set of sisters styled best? Vote by "liking" their picture on facebook [here]!  Polls close on Friday at 12 noon ET.

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