Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sheer Audacity

Oh my! This is more see-through than I thought... 

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Blazer- Vintage Dior, Caftan- Vintage, Boots- Asos (here), Clutch- Obey, Ring- Ireland, shorts (yes there are shorts underneath!)- DIY

I'm still not sure whether this caftan was meant for a woman or a man, and if it was intended to be worn with nothing underneath (the gold thread has been strategically woven in a pattern that would suggest so!).  It makes me want to hurry up and buy a ticket to some hot exotic locale where I can wear it as a cover up while sipping fancy cocktails by a pool and fanning myself... for now I'll just have to settle for hot chocolate in the wind!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Neon Flowers bring Snow Showers

Winter shminter.

Sweater, shirt, and clutch- Vintage, Skirt- reconstructed vintage (La Petite Marmoset), Wedges-, Sunnies- Forever21

Do you ever say to yourself "Screw the weather, I wear what I want!" This is an internal dialogue most mornings for me, and today was no exception---- I had the sudden urge to wear every bright piece of clothing in my closet and simply did not feel like ruining the look with black tights!  It's also been unseasonably warm in DC this winter so I figured all would be well-- today actually ended up being very cold and windy.  Maybe I upset the weather gods and now they will make it snow! Please... pretty please... just a little of the cold wet stuff?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LPM 3-Way Style Challenge: December

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun weekend! To close out December, we bring you installment #2 in the monthly "LPM 3-Way Style Challenge." This month, we had 3 local bloggers practice their styling magic with our reconstructed vintage beaded dress, cape, and bodycon skirt. Abbey, Ashley and Allix (Triple A threat!) did not dissappoint-- we love how across the board many of the looks could easily go from work to play in colder weather :)

1. Abbey (District Dress Up)
Abbey is no stranger to LPM reconstructed pieces (check out her post here) which is why we though she would make a great challenger! A transplant from New Orleans, she describes her style as "on trend, but not trendy. I like mixing classic structures with current textures, patterns, and colors." We are really digging her choice of cloche hat for a 20's-meets-today silohuette!

Ashley, owner of online boutique La Belle Vie Vintage, loves "making vintage new by pairing it with modern favorites. Styling is so important to me, it doesn't matter what you are wearing, it's how you wear it!"  Her belts pull these looks together beautifully--- look for more fun projects coming up with this chica ;)

3. Allix (The District)
"I have a thing for skulls" Allix said--- when she's not rocking her Black Milk skeleton print leggings (which we desperately want), she is strutting a style that is "classic with an edge."  Aside from her perfectly applied red lipstick, we love the way her blue J Crew coat pops against the white dress!

Cape and skirt available at Violet Boutique, dress available online at

Nice job ladies! Until next challenge...xoxo

Check out more photos from this set on our Facebook Page :)

All photos by La Petite Marmoset

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Zat You, Santa Claus?"

Yay for ugly sweaters!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Sweater- Vintage, Socks- My dads (they were new okay?), Marmoset- All miiine

Consider this my e-holiday card to you lovely readers! What better way to celebrate the season than with a monkey in a Santa suit and a christmas ball? Wishing you a happy holiday and (cliché) lots of good cheer! Here is one of my favorite songs to get you in the spirit---- especially if you're like me and are about to start your Christmas shopping at zero hour!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Return to Deutschland

This knit is the s***!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Dress-Vintage, Bag- Gift from La Belle Vie Vintage, Jacket- Thrifted, Belt- My brother's, Necklace- ?, Bracelet- gifted, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Pardon my French. But it really is! Can you believe somebody made this dress entirely by hand? It definitely puts any of my past knitting projects to shame! The dress has a nice weight to it that not only makes for more warmth in the winter but, most importantly, extra good twirling. Oh, and I'm not really in Deutschland--- that's just the name I gave to the area close to where I live (from this post) that has a lot of old dilapidated Dutch-style architecture.  Peeling walls, leopard print, spinning dresses, shoes without heels... it all makes total sense right?

***Edit*** I've just been informed that Deutschland is Germany and not literally "Dutch land"--- whoops!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Do your Ears Hang Low?

I love the idea of a "mono-earring." 

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Sweater- Reconstructed La Petite Marmoset Vintage, Dress- Violet Boutique, Purse- Thrifted, Booties-, rings- Forever21, Earring- Jennifer Jeremias

Are you one of those people who can pull off big door-knocker statement earrings with the greatest of ease? Well get on with your bad self! I am not one of them-- my earlobes are about as strong as my willpower in the gourmet chocolate section of Whole Foods.  This makes it hard to wear any dangly earrings without looking like a human elephant, which is why I was so glad to find Jennifer Jeremias's line at Ginger Roots--- she makes incredible geometric earrings that are light as a feather.  For those of you with lobes of steel, Jeremias also does bigger GaGa-esque pieces. Anyone know of some ear strengthening excercises?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Meet my new boyfriend...

Blazer and pendant necklace- Vintage, Dress- Vintage (From Thelma's Vanity reconstructed by Denisio Truitt), Clutch- Love Cortnie, Knuckle ring- Urban Outfitters, Bracelet- gifted, Flats- Deeny & Ozzy

Photos by Sebastian Marin

What's the best place to take photos while wearing a saucy red fringed mini dress and sequined clutch? The Mormon Temple of course! It's a stone's throw away from my house and I hadn't done a post there yet (it looks like the Disney Castle!) so I decided now would be good a time as any. Oh, and my new significant other? He's got a gig in the nativity scene ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is Your Coat on Drugs

Can't get enough of these lucite heels!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Coat, dress and bag-Vintage, Boots- Asos

I picked up this crazy coat a few months ago at the DC Goodwill Fashionista + Spicy Candy DC event--- I mean who wouldn't? It looks like the 70's spit Asian rainbow psychedelic fringed voodoo madness all over it! I imagine a groovy lady with an afro wearing aviators and bell bottoms lounging around an underground bar smoking something illegal--- in no way am I condoning drugs! It's just the first thing that came to mind. Besides, who needs mind-altering substances when you can get your fix at Goodwill? :)
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