Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Photos of people taking photos"-- Lookbook Behind The Scenes

That's a wrap!

Looking at these behind the scenes photos makes you realize how much work really goes into a project like this! We were so lucky to have the ladies from W Salon join our team literally the day before the shoot--- they were all so nice and made the already beautiful models turn lookbook fabulous! Some of the girls were coming right from exams/ preparing for finals (Mansi was studying impossible organic chemistry flashcards in between hair and makeup). Marshall said that he could "barely walk" the day after our shoot--- If you can't tell from the photos above, photography and videography can be very physically demanding!  The stylists and myself were hauling garment bags and crates up and down Hst (we even put our male model Will to work--after all, he wasn't the one wearing Jeffrey Campbells).  My point in all this is not to brag, whine, or complain--I just wanted to express how much of a group effort this really was! 

Thank you readers for following our blogs over the past week and seeing how everything unfolded--- your feedback has been great! I hope you enjoyed seeing a different side of DC :)

Creative Concept
Carlis & Katya- Spicy Candy DC
Katherine Martinez- La Petite Marmoset
Carla Sanchez   (Spicy Candy DC)
Katya Ananieva (Spicy Candy DC)
Lacey Maffetone (A Lacey Perspective)
Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset)

Lead Photography/Editing: Marshall Johnson (The President Wears Prada)
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sebastian Marin (SMF0to)
Videography/Editing: Caroline Lacey 
Mansi Mehta
Morgan Mayes
Tamika Wilkins
Emma Jade
William Jovel

Hair and Makeup:

A special thanks to the following Hst businesses who allowed us to shoot on location:

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  1. Oh I love this peek into what it took for such a fabulous lookbook!


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