Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Neon Flowers bring Snow Showers

Winter shminter.

Sweater, shirt, and clutch- Vintage, Skirt- reconstructed vintage (La Petite Marmoset), Wedges-, Sunnies- Forever21

Do you ever say to yourself "Screw the weather, I wear what I want!" This is an internal dialogue most mornings for me, and today was no exception---- I had the sudden urge to wear every bright piece of clothing in my closet and simply did not feel like ruining the look with black tights!  It's also been unseasonably warm in DC this winter so I figured all would be well-- today actually ended up being very cold and windy.  Maybe I upset the weather gods and now they will make it snow! Please... pretty please... just a little of the cold wet stuff?


  1. I love nothing but love for NEON Flowers & snow showers! Great post reminds me of the cut copy album Bright like neon love : )

  2. Love the burst of colors...and that blouse, Zara who? Love it.


  3. beautiful!!!! love the shoes!!


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