Monday, December 19, 2011

Do your Ears Hang Low?

I love the idea of a "mono-earring." 

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Sweater- Reconstructed La Petite Marmoset Vintage, Dress- Violet Boutique, Purse- Thrifted, Booties-, rings- Forever21, Earring- Jennifer Jeremias

Are you one of those people who can pull off big door-knocker statement earrings with the greatest of ease? Well get on with your bad self! I am not one of them-- my earlobes are about as strong as my willpower in the gourmet chocolate section of Whole Foods.  This makes it hard to wear any dangly earrings without looking like a human elephant, which is why I was so glad to find Jennifer Jeremias's line at Ginger Roots--- she makes incredible geometric earrings that are light as a feather.  For those of you with lobes of steel, Jeremias also does bigger GaGa-esque pieces. Anyone know of some ear strengthening excercises?


  1. You look beautiful Katherine! Love the LPM sweater you reconstructed! xoxo

  2. Those earrings are sweeeeet! I love how well the complement your blouse, too!

  3. Love your blog! Now Following :)

  4. Wow, that earring is definitely what you would call a statement piece. I actually rarely wear earrings but would love to start wearing them more often. Wonderfully put together outfit!

  5. Love your shoes those earrings are fab x


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