Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Return to Deutschland

This knit is the s***!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Dress-Vintage, Bag- Gift from La Belle Vie Vintage, Jacket- Thrifted, Belt- My brother's, Necklace- ?, Bracelet- gifted, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Pardon my French. But it really is! Can you believe somebody made this dress entirely by hand? It definitely puts any of my past knitting projects to shame! The dress has a nice weight to it that not only makes for more warmth in the winter but, most importantly, extra good twirling. Oh, and I'm not really in Deutschland--- that's just the name I gave to the area close to where I live (from this post) that has a lot of old dilapidated Dutch-style architecture.  Peeling walls, leopard print, spinning dresses, shoes without heels... it all makes total sense right?

***Edit*** I've just been informed that Deutschland is Germany and not literally "Dutch land"--- whoops!


  1. Fabulous!!!! I love the earthy tones u used for this outfit, also how you put your hair up to make it extra chic!

  2. Oh Katherine, you look STUNNING! Love this hand knit dress paired with those shoes, very sassy classy :o) ohh...and that bag...hehe


  3. Fabulous! You look awesome. Love the dress and shoes :)

    Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com

    Happy Holidays,

  4. such a chic look. Every element of the outfit is perfection, especially the addition of leopard


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