Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Lose a Girl in 10 Seconds

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Fringe Jacket- BB Dakota (old), Shift dress and collar tips- La Petite Marmoset, Clutch- Vintage, Shoes- Nine West, Belt- Asos

Apologies for the lack of photos (because I know you guys are sooooo disappointed there aren't 7+ pictures of me)--- recently I've been having some issues with blurriness. On the day we took these photos, an elderly man sauntered over, burst my personal space bubble and said, "You make me want to have babies. Are you gonna make some pretty babies for me?" This was followed by a smoochy sound mating call.  As difficult as it was to turn down this offer, I had to decline---- I thought a first date was in order before any further discussion of family plans. 

Have a great weekend!! ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Velvet, Virgin, and a Good Cause

What did'orsay??

Photos by Lise Silva

Sweater Cape- LOFT (last year), T-shirt, trousers, belt, and bag- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Pumps- Guess (via DSW)

I've been looking for a nice affordable pair of d'orsay pumps for a while now--- it must have been fate (/death for my budget) that a new DSW just opened up walking distance from the loft I had been strategically avoiding it for a week but then found myself magnetically drawn to the entrance--- it really wasn't my fault.  I love that a nice pair of pointy pumps can instantly turn stretch velvet granny pants into slightly more elegant stretch velvet granny pants.

Also, there are a few spots left in Red Sprinkle's Beauty Lounge tomorrow night! It's being held here at the LPM Showroom---- email to RSVP :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why my Grandpa is a Bad***

Baroque n' roll time

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Dress- LPM Redesigned Vintage, Vest- Forever21, Belt- Vintage (my aunt's), Shoes- Nine West (via DSW)

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I spent Thanksgiving with my mom's family in New Jersey-- everyone was comparing Sandy survival stories (thankfully no one was hurt). My grandparents lost power for 1 week--- my grandma took refuge with a family member who still had power, but 94 year-old Grandpa Steve, like the Spartan warrior he is, decided to stay and man the fort. 

Me: Grandpa, why did you stay at home in the dark for 7 days?? Weren't you cold?
Grandpa: It reminded me of my war days! (grunts) 
Me: Oh... yes I can see how you would want to relive those... What did you eat Grandpa??
Grandpa: Cornflakes, cornflakes, and more cornflakes! 
Me: Wow! You know some women do that as a diet and can't last 3 days?
Grandpa: *Crosses arms and grins
Then we went on the opposite of a diet and stuffed ourselves with Greek and Latin food.  The end!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Godfather

I feel like bustin' loose ♩ ♪

Photos by Lise Silva

Faux Leather Jacket- Rainbow Stores, Cropped Sweater- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Blouse- Violet Boutique, Bodycon dress- Rave, Booties- via

This mural of the late talented Chuck Brown (aka the Godfather of Go-go) in Petworth is is at the top of my list of all-time favorite DC street art because 1) he's blue and MINT and 2) he gives the side-eye to everyone getting off of the metro.  R.I.P. Mr. Brown--- you have left your mark on this city and a generation of artists to come.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Robinson

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Blazer- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset), T-shirt and Bag- Thrifted, Dress- Target, Boots- Asos

Kevin Robinson, whoever you are, your name is branded in Sharpie on the inside neckline of this thrifted Murray Hill High School T-shirt. Why would you ever want to part with it? Such a great layering piece!  I'm sure you weren't thinking that while you wore it twiggin'/ footballin'/ultimate frisbeein' or however you used to spend your afternoons (don't worry, I washed all the bro out before wearing).  Did you replace it with more distinguished college gear? Or did your mom get fed up with a mess in your room and donate it?  Bet you never thought about wearing it with sequins :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Denada x LPM

Marmoset surrenders after spending a fun-filled afternoon with Baby Atticus :) Gracias Denada!

Photos by Lise Silva

Me: Open Wave cowl (in Plum) AshleyHooded cowl (in Charcoal)- c/o Denada, Clothing- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset)

From the moment TPWP first introduced me to local brand Denada Design last year, I dreamt of owning one of their yummy hand crafted knit cowls--- those dreams became a reality last Sunday when owner/designer Virginia Arrisueño stopped by to visit the LPM showroom (with baby Atticus in tow).  All Denada scarves are made with love in Peru (the birthplace of Virginia's family)--- no sweatshops happening here!

Want to knock out a chunk of your holiday shopping list? Denada is offering all LPM readers a 15% discount from now until November 20th with the discount code "LPMxDENADA

Check out Denada's post here :)

Tacky Xmas Blowout

Ready for some diva hair wind! (apologies for the gross mirror)

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Faux-Leather Jacket- Forever 21 (from 3 years ago), Duster- Violet Boutique, Tacky Xmas Sweater T Shirt- c/o Skip N' Whistle, Trousers- Zara (3 years ago), Belt- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Clutch- Love, Cortnie, Shoes- Miista

The only thing better than a tacky xmas sweater? A tacky xmas sweater print T-shirt!   This is what I chose to wear to my appointment with Ashley at the new Drybar in Georgetown---- I was a little hesitant at first when they told me they wanted to give me the "Southern Comfort" blowout (Images of overly-teased trophy wife hair came to mind), but I ended up loving the result! For the next 3 days, I felt like I was a living, breathing hair commercial and found myself shaking my bouncy tresses back and forth in slow motion (ohhhh yeaaaa).  Eventually, the clock struck 12 and I turned back into a pumpkin--- will be returning for more blowout magic soon :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Son He Never Had?

 Left: My dad circa 1976; Right: Me with a ponytail stache

Photos by Lise Silva

Jacket- Vintage (My dad's), Dress- random shop in Dublin, Hat- Forever21, Booties- Asos

It's the night of December 31st, 1976--- My dad is a newly arrived Colombian immigrant stepping out of JFK airport, marveling at the mass of cars stuck in traffic. EFF IT'S COLD!-- The wind hits him like a ton of bricks as he attempts to hail a taxi, unaware that the fare all the way to Patterson, NJ will cost him every last penny.  Well, at least the 5 other people sharing his attic room would provide some body heat...

Naturally, the first thing my dad wanted to buy when he saved up enough money working less than minimum wage at a sheet metal factory was a heavy duty, impenetrable (and might I add swag-tastic) winter coat.  This coat is so thick, I swear it must be bullet proof--- it weighs at least 6 lbs.  Even though its 70's lapels and exaggerated pockets fell out of fashion, my dad always held on to it as a symbol of overcoming his first struggles here in the U.S.--- he has since gone on to become a successful ophthalmologist (the journey to that point could be a whole series blog posts, but I'll spare you) He would tell me the story about the oxblood leather trench hanging in the back of his closet as a little girl--- I loved it so much I would try on the coat, practically drowning in it and toppling over.  As I got older, I toyed with the idea of having it altered to fit my frame, but decided against it out of fear--- I wouldn't trust just anyone with a pair of shears.  

This coat is ridiculous, groovy, amazing, and although a little over-sized and missing one button, perfect the way it is :)
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