Monday, November 26, 2012

Why my Grandpa is a Bad***

Baroque n' roll time

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Dress- LPM Redesigned Vintage, Vest- Forever21, Belt- Vintage (my aunt's), Shoes- Nine West (via DSW)

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I spent Thanksgiving with my mom's family in New Jersey-- everyone was comparing Sandy survival stories (thankfully no one was hurt). My grandparents lost power for 1 week--- my grandma took refuge with a family member who still had power, but 94 year-old Grandpa Steve, like the Spartan warrior he is, decided to stay and man the fort. 

Me: Grandpa, why did you stay at home in the dark for 7 days?? Weren't you cold?
Grandpa: It reminded me of my war days! (grunts) 
Me: Oh... yes I can see how you would want to relive those... What did you eat Grandpa??
Grandpa: Cornflakes, cornflakes, and more cornflakes! 
Me: Wow! You know some women do that as a diet and can't last 3 days?
Grandpa: *Crosses arms and grins
Then we went on the opposite of a diet and stuffed ourselves with Greek and Latin food.  The end!


  1. Your Grandpa is a legit G!

    Meanwhile, loving your dress.

  2. Love these pics of you, so soft and pretty!!


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