Friday, January 4, 2013

Friends with Benefits

I got 4 pickles hey hey hey hey 

Photos by Lida Ramsey

Sequin Moto Jacket- Walter Baker (scored at Sample Sale in Chelsea Market, similar here), Scarf- Denada Design, Sweater and Maxi- Thrifted (the sweater is Saks and the "maxi" is a nightgown), Eel Clutch- Vintage, Shoes- Dolce Vita, Jewelry- wholesaler
I : fashion as my best friend Lida : food --- basically, we count on each other to find out about gems in our respective areas of interest.  So when Lida told me she wanted to take me on a tour of the Eat Good Food Group (hey, I like to eat good food!) and several of their restaurants in Alexandria, Va, I didn't hesitate.  We lunched at Restaurant Eve--- It was like finding the secret garden of gastronomy!  It's tucked away in an alley and has a very quiet, relaxing atmosphere.   I would definitely recommend their "Lickety Split" lunch-- any two items on the menu are $14.98.  Loose mermaid dress advisable ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time to Pretend

My first watch since, oh, 7th grade...

Photos by Cheralee Lyle

Tunic- random store in NY, Wool Maxi Skirt- Thrifted, Necklace- St. Clair Jewelry, Bracelet- wholesaler, Boots- UO, Wrap-around watch- c/o BCBG Generation

My time zone is currently set to Latino Eastern Standard. Aka chronically 10-15 minutes late (Wait! Before you cry "stereotype" read here). When I was 12, I thought that owning the coveted frosted metal Fossil analog would help fight this tendency AND make me "cool" at the same time (Abercrombie + Fitch, Addidas flip flops, and Express flare jeans can all be included in this category). I soon found that not only was I still late (who could tell time with numberless ticks?), my AIM friends list had not grown in number (MocoMamasita18 was not pleased). I decided to let my chain link watch gather dust along with my stretchy tattoo choker necklace and rhinestone monogram pendant.      

To me, this is a Mexican textile meets-friendship bracelet meets-watch. There's no pressure for me to use it for its intended purpose (umm, being on time for life) because I actually want to wear it with everything.

Did I mention one of my New Years resolutions was to always be 15 minutes early?

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