Thursday, May 31, 2012


Staring intensely at this shirt = a safe alternative to psychoactive drugs

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Shirt and Skirt- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset), Clutch- Aldo, Platforms- Joe's (via Solestruck)

I have previously expressed my love of all clothes that make you look like you are on a 70's groove-tastic drug trip---- this shirt belongs to that family! It's like someone had an intense oil paint spill all over an oxford blouse--- when I spill things (which is often) they don't look nearly as pretty!  You don't even want to see what the showroom looks like on days we dye denim... 

Just started biking around DC! Still getting the hang of not riding super awkwardly :p

Thursday, May 24, 2012

People Who Make Me Feel Pretty (and not like a dirty hippie)

Rarely do I talk about hair/beauty tips on this blog--- This is mainly because I have none! I don't know the first thing about products, up-dos, or "beating faces." (I can never feel totally comfortable using that phrase to describe makeup application)  In all the hustle and bustle of the last few months I let my hair reach astronomical split-end lengths (my split ends had split ends!) and pretty much stopped wearing makeup... I decided it was time for a little Marmoset TLC.  

Enter makeup maven Ana Buitrago:
 She held a mini workshop this past Saturday as a preview of her makeup seminar coming up on June 23 at the LPM Showroom---- one of the things I loved was that she taught us how to do looks and we applied all the makeup ourselves! They say if you teach a man to fish...

 ... Voila! I now feel empowered to try some tricks on my own without fear of making myself look like a street-walker :)

Then yesterday I paid a visit to our good friend and stylist Nadine from PR at Partners:
She lopped off a good 4 inches of my out-of-control mane, gave me some long relaxed layers and worked some braid magic--- I kind of want her to follow me around and play with my hair everyday!

Starting June 23, we are going to be hosting Saturday beauty workshops at the showroom featuring the best in the business--- everything from makeup to skin to hair (and even DIY nail art)---- more details coming soon!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cafeteria Chic

Tippin' on everything!

Photos by Charlyndria Horton 

Blazer, Top, Collar tips, shorts, and bag- (all vintage) La Petite Marmoset, Sunnies and ring- Forever21, Peep-toes- Sam Edelman (via Solestruck Shoes)

So you think you've spotted your long lost Minnie Mouse lunch tote from kindergarten? Wrong--- this is uber exclusive vintage neon navajo print! Okay, so maybe I am still repressing anger/embarrassment from having been stuck with a purple Barney & Friends box---you will not pry this beautifully ugly Disney bag from my hands!  It's literally the perfect size for a macbook.

This totally justifies its use in everyday adult life :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Invisibility Romper

"Aww, thanks mural, you are too kind!" ;)

Photos by Carlis Sanchez of Spicy Candy DC

Romper and belt - La Petite Marmoset (vintage), Platforms- Jeffrey Campbell, Neon colorblock bag- Violet Boutique

This post could also be titled "Chameleon Onesie" or "Natural Pleats vs. Extreme Cameltoe"---- either way, this romper is perfect for blending into bright neighborhood murals (kind of like those tourist trap statue people!). What would you do if you were walking down the street and I popped out of a wall next to you? 

a) Gasp
b) Give me a high-five
c) Numero dos your pantalones
d) Be plagued by nightmares
e) all of the above

Leave your answer in the comments :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

When You Gotta Go...

The 3 faces of disgust.

Photos by Laura Zucker

Blazer- Banana Republic, Shirt- La Petite Marmoset, Shorts-c/o Bebe, Pumps- Cooperative (via UO), Jewelry- Random

I love that there are lots of colorfully painted brick walls in the neighborhood close to our new showroom--- perfect for outfit posts!  What you don't see in these photos, however, is the drunk old man peeing in public 10 feet away from me in broad daylight...Yes...who then he grumbled at us for "not having any darn privacy around here."  (Laura, the intern from All Things Fashion DC was there taking photos of the new spot and I dragged her outside to take blog pics--- we definitely had a bonding moment) Let's add that to the list of crazy-things-that-happen-whilst-blogging.  

On a side note, I am in love with these shorts! They are perfect for print mixing--- and a nice break from floral-on-floral :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LPM May Lookbook: Garden Party

  Photos by Amber Mahoney of Live it Out Photo

Video by Adam Mizrahi of Mizrahi Films

For the La Petite Marmoset May lookbook, we had the pleasure of shooting at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria---From the looks of these pictures you'd think we were in a secluded park somewhere, prancing nymph-like under the sun without a care in the world. Wrong! There were literally people everywhere--- babies, dogs, families... but the talented Amber and Adam were able to work around it.  The girls were a whirlwind of crazy fishtail skirt energy tearing through the grass--- people were both confused and entertained.  We learned that climbing trees was apparently "not in the contract" (oops, sorry Green Spring!), platforms are hard to walk in over roots, and even innocent appearing old men lie about taking "nature photography" (yea, you sir, the one who I chased down in the parking lot, I'm talking to you).  We were so thankful to work with W Salon VA and Ink Cosmetics again--- how cool are those neon eyeshadows? 

Thanks again to our great team!
Styling: Ashley Turchin and Katherine Martinez of La Petite Marmoset
Shoes: Solestruck
Photography: Amber Mahoney of Live it Out Photo
Videography: Adam Mizrahi of Mizrahi Films
Models: Mansi Mehta, Leah Osnos, and Aster Thomas
Hair: W Salon VA
Makeup: Ana Castillo Crabb of Ink Cosmetics

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