Thursday, May 24, 2012

People Who Make Me Feel Pretty (and not like a dirty hippie)

Rarely do I talk about hair/beauty tips on this blog--- This is mainly because I have none! I don't know the first thing about products, up-dos, or "beating faces." (I can never feel totally comfortable using that phrase to describe makeup application)  In all the hustle and bustle of the last few months I let my hair reach astronomical split-end lengths (my split ends had split ends!) and pretty much stopped wearing makeup... I decided it was time for a little Marmoset TLC.  

Enter makeup maven Ana Buitrago:
 She held a mini workshop this past Saturday as a preview of her makeup seminar coming up on June 23 at the LPM Showroom---- one of the things I loved was that she taught us how to do looks and we applied all the makeup ourselves! They say if you teach a man to fish...

 ... Voila! I now feel empowered to try some tricks on my own without fear of making myself look like a street-walker :)

Then yesterday I paid a visit to our good friend and stylist Nadine from PR at Partners:
She lopped off a good 4 inches of my out-of-control mane, gave me some long relaxed layers and worked some braid magic--- I kind of want her to follow me around and play with my hair everyday!

Starting June 23, we are going to be hosting Saturday beauty workshops at the showroom featuring the best in the business--- everything from makeup to skin to hair (and even DIY nail art)---- more details coming soon!



  1. Oh how I shall miss the dirty hippy hair, but your braid last night was awesome!!

  2. Your hair looks fantastic! Job well done.

  3. um........................IM FREAKING OUT WITH HOW GENIUS OF AN IDEA THAT IS. I WILL COME TO EVERY WORKSHOP. I AM DEAD SERIOUS. Especially the ones taught by Ana, I think the looks she creates are the hottest things EVER-- when I saw her doing emma's makeup and hair for the shoot at my house that day, I was like...I want a million dollars so I could pay her to be my personal make up artist and hair stylists EVERY day. But since that's not possible, learning how to do the things she does, to my own self, (like the fish teaching thing), is the only way. I don't know how to do SHIT in terms of make-up and smokey eyes, using color, using eyeshadow, giving beachy waves- the only thing I know how to do is a cat eye and pin-straight hair, and even those things could use some improvement. I don't even know how to use a freaking curling iron! CANNOT. WAIT.

  4. oh shit and I just read the part about Nadine too!!!! eeeee these workshops sound amazing! I LOVE the braid she gave you it's so freakin' cute!


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