Friday, August 31, 2012

Stickiest of the Icky


Photos by Ashley Turchin

Blouse- Violet Boutique, Skirt and collar tips- La Petite Marmoset, Eel skin clutch- vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Booties- c/o Rockport

Spent part of a drizzly afternoon wandering around Eastern Market with Ashley--- we were looking for a place to fill our sudden cupcake craving (which for me is like, uh, all the time).  Sadly the place we were headed was closed Sundays (what were they thinking?!) so I ended up at my soft spot, Sticky Fingers Bakery--- everything on the menu is vegan.  Normally, I'm scared of ingredients that pose as meats and cheeses (that would be a grilled "Daiya" cheese sandwich with tomato and tempeh bacon), but owner Doron has everything just right

So because it's vegan, it's okay to eat five cupcakes at once, right?  

Ok good just checking...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liquid Gold

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Top, skirt, and bag- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Pumps- Sam Edelman, Knuckle Ring- Belongs to LPM Ashley, Celtic ring- Ireland, Star Bracelet- Icing

I wore this outfit for Nadine's hair workshop on Saturday--- words cannot begin to describe the secret hair stylist skills we learned!  Nadine would magically flip and braid and tease and BOOM--we all looked like Audrey Hepburn. I have a few photos/ videos I will be putting up soon of all of us "ooo-ing" and "aaahh-ing" at the results--- Can't wait until her next workshop in October!

Monday, August 27, 2012

"All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go"

Rock out with your frock out-- even if it's to the grocery store :)

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Dress and shoes- Zara (dress is from four years ago), Purse- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset), Bracelet- gift from Venezuela, Cuff- Forever21, Mood Ring- thrifted

Normally I don't comment on negative blogger press--- with more followers inevitably come more naysayers, and when releasing social content (whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you have to be prepared for both.  For about a year in DC, we enjoyed a relatively hate-free discourse--- people were excited about attracting more positive attention to a metropolis that had been coined by many as "where fashion goes to die." (ouch!) Then came the Snarky McSnarkersons (apparently bored with critiquing Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices) and this "article" which appeared in the Washington Post Express on Friday.  The Express is meant to provide relevant snippets from the Post as a whole to commuters who don't have time to read the entire paper front to back on their way to work (and in some cases encourages them to visit the full website for more coverage).

I wont take time to refute what are clearly emotionally motivated statements and quotes taken out of context.  I can understand the point of view of the journalist (she's not the first to feel this way), but not why it was turned into a news piece. Here is my message to you, Washington Post: I used to dream of being a print journalist for you and writing feature articles on interesting and inspiring locals.  I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the way you are relying on sugary easy-bake content to attract readers--- I thought you were better than the trashy magazines I glance at while waiting in line at the drugstore. Looks like I'll be turning elsewhere for all relevant, hard hitting news.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Urban Chic + Early Mountain Vineyards Sip & Shop

So I can eat these...right?

Above photos by Krystin Hargrove, below photos by La Petite Marmoset

Tunic and clutch- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset -similar shape here-), Necklace- Made by my aunt (similar here), Spike cuff- She's Unique (similar here), Gold cuff- Forever21, Sandals-

In what was perhaps, oh, the best idea ever, Urban Chic and Early Mountain Vineyards decided to bus a bunch of bloggers out to Madison, Virginia to sample wines and peruse the Georgetown boutique's new fall fashion offerings (aka Bloggers Gone Wild).  It felt like an adult field trip (the bus driver even chastised us for being "rowdy" on the way back!). Lovely silk tops from The Shirt were on display--- their concept is to design a shirt for women that "actually fits" (revolutionary!) with no puckering, awkward button peepholes, or constant wrinkling.  Amen to no creepers staring through your blouse!  It was a lovely way to spend Thursday evening and it was nice to catch up with some of my favorite ladies (sadly Ashley couldn't make it because of work, but I have a feeling we will be going back soon).  Cheers to keeping it classy ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Complimentary Colors

Do your eyes hurt yet?

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Blazer, Shirt, belt, and shorts- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset), Clutch- Aldo, Gold Cuff- Forever21, Bright Cuff- EE Cuffs, Pumps-

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rosy Cheeks

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Blouse, belt, and purse- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Pants- Thrifted pajama bottoms (similar here), Ring- belongs to LPM Ashley, Cuff- Forever21 (similar here), Pumps- Sam Edelman

I think I need to start the pajamas-as-outerwear club (see here, here, here, and here)--- some of the prettiest printed chiffon and lacey little things I come across are sleepwear. As someone who sleeps in the buff, (a warning should you ever decide to stage an early morning ambush and surprise kidnapping on my birthday à la 11th grade...) it is difficult for me to understand the need to dress up for your sheets.  Wear your pajamas to work day should be everyday :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Shades of Blue

And the metallic obsession continues...

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Top and Clutch- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset -top here- also love this one), Shorts- Thrifted PJ bottoms (similar style here), Collar Tips- La Petite Marmoset, Shoes- (here and similar here), Armband- Asos (here)

I feel like a futuristic space cadet in this outfit--- if all else fails, I have earned a role in the next Star Trek remake (and can check that off the list of life accomplishments!) What you don't see in the above photos is how Ashley took the last shot... 

... and also earned herself a role in the next Spiderman ;)

If you are in the D.C. area and haven't registered for  Saturday's NYFW Hair Workshop, you can still sign up -->here<--

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