Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not So Clean on the Outisde

Rolling like a big shot...

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Tunic and Ombre Denim Jacket- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset -original tunic here / similar here-  -jacket here-), Celtic ring- Ireland, Knuckle ring- Pure Dead Brilliant, boots- Doc Martens

I never knew that I needed this ring until I visited Charm in Georgetown--- I will leave its imprint on the foreheads of my non-existent enemies as an ode to the classic tune "Ice Cream Paint Job." If you've seen my car recently (recently being the past year and a half), you know that it definitely could use a fresh coat/body work... its exterior is more like an ice cream scoop that has fallen on the ground, been sadly scooped back up with pieces of dirt sticking out, and attempted to be re-eaten. And yet, I still eat it...


  1. "That girl is wearing a gogo outfit! -- She's a hooker!"

    Love you! xx

  2. ha! I used to love blasting that song in the car
    really love your mixture of textures in that outfit! awesome the ring as well

    a coy perspective

  3. Ahhhh that ring just cracks me up every time! Yes, you obviously needed it! Lookin' fab!

    XO, Alison

  4. Seriously would blow up one of these pics and put on my wall , thats how MAJOR you look


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