Monday, August 13, 2012

Cap it

Here comes trouble...

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Cap- A.C. Moore ($4), Jacket and clutch- Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Blouse- Asos, Tunic- BCBG Outlet, Shoes- Michael Kors, Knuckle ring- Pure Dead Brilliant, Spike Bracelet- She's Unique (similar here), Watch- moms

The last time I wore a baseball cap, it was sophomore year of high school and I was stealing borrowing it from a silly boy I had a crush on--- I'm glad that this micro-trend has come back and I can reminisce on those glory days (Eating cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch everyday without feeling guilty, sneaking into R-rated movies, straightening my hair to death...)  From an effective form of flirtation to a must-have runway sensation---- we wear many hats ;)


  1. Amazing look. Dig it allll.

  2. I kind of hate baseball caps but there's something kind of awesome about the way it looks with your outfit today.

  3. The jacket is to die for! love the shoes too x Cammie

  4. Your spike bracelet is amazing!!!

  5. ummm tunic under a blouse. you are a genius!

    i've been wanting to try out this cap trend. you've inspired me... ;)


  6. Love how you incorporated your baseball cap with a dress & heels!

    Katherine |


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