Monday, August 27, 2012

"All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go"

Rock out with your frock out-- even if it's to the grocery store :)

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Dress and shoes- Zara (dress is from four years ago), Purse- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset), Bracelet- gift from Venezuela, Cuff- Forever21, Mood Ring- thrifted

Normally I don't comment on negative blogger press--- with more followers inevitably come more naysayers, and when releasing social content (whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you have to be prepared for both.  For about a year in DC, we enjoyed a relatively hate-free discourse--- people were excited about attracting more positive attention to a metropolis that had been coined by many as "where fashion goes to die." (ouch!) Then came the Snarky McSnarkersons (apparently bored with critiquing Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices) and this "article" which appeared in the Washington Post Express on Friday.  The Express is meant to provide relevant snippets from the Post as a whole to commuters who don't have time to read the entire paper front to back on their way to work (and in some cases encourages them to visit the full website for more coverage).

I wont take time to refute what are clearly emotionally motivated statements and quotes taken out of context.  I can understand the point of view of the journalist (she's not the first to feel this way), but not why it was turned into a news piece. Here is my message to you, Washington Post: I used to dream of being a print journalist for you and writing feature articles on interesting and inspiring locals.  I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the way you are relying on sugary easy-bake content to attract readers--- I thought you were better than the trashy magazines I glance at while waiting in line at the drugstore. Looks like I'll be turning elsewhere for all relevant, hard hitting news.


  1. Well said Katherine. Thank you! :)


  2. <3 you, you beautiful creature you.

  3. Love it! and WAPO is becoming less and less worthy of reading before this even happened, you look amazing, and I love that dress on you, it's so you!

  4. Really pretty dress!

  5. Sweet dress.

  6. You're fabulous and are a major player in the DC style scene. I continue to enjoy your and Ashley's work take DC by storm. Thanks for being a great role model and representation DC style


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