Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Sari!

Yep, pretty much says it all.

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Sari, belt, and bag- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset -bag here-), Sandals- Romwe, Sunnies- Izod (found in my house... not sure who they belong to but they're mine now muahaha), Triangle bracelet- Nebraska

When I saw this beautiful mass of sheer black and gold embroidered Indian silk, I knew I had to swathe myself in it. I didn't know how it was going to work exactly, but I wanted to style it in a way that looked more "maxi dress" and less "Salahi wannabe."  Maybe it still looks that way? I'm not sure. What I do know, is that today, we were feeling a bit silly:

I'm sorry if I got this stuck in your head ;)


  1. You are the most beautiful, weird, crazy/funny person I know! Your mom and I can agree on that! lol. <3 you!

  2. I love you in a pony tail!

    And please have all outfit posts end in a video of you prancing around haha

  3. OMG as soon as I saw you wearing this on Instagram I was in LOVE!! You look absolutely stunning & oh so chic :) Hope to see you soon <3

  4. This is such an amazing interpretation of a sari. Love your creativity!

  5. I love this so much. So beautiful.


  6. omgsh I love this so much. your sari is so gorgeous! okay, so I couldn't stop scrolling through your blog, and I am in love with your style. you just got a new follower :)


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