Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Robinson

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Blazer- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset), T-shirt and Bag- Thrifted, Dress- Target, Boots- Asos

Kevin Robinson, whoever you are, your name is branded in Sharpie on the inside neckline of this thrifted Murray Hill High School T-shirt. Why would you ever want to part with it? Such a great layering piece!  I'm sure you weren't thinking that while you wore it twiggin'/ footballin'/ultimate frisbeein' or however you used to spend your afternoons (don't worry, I washed all the bro out before wearing).  Did you replace it with more distinguished college gear? Or did your mom get fed up with a mess in your room and donate it?  Bet you never thought about wearing it with sequins :)


  1. haha I love your little story behind this shirt, you're too funny!

  2. bet he wants it back now!!!...ha! by the have awesome lunulas...look that up and get back to me...."your welcome"

  3. everytime I am here I like you even more.

  4. HAHAHA! Kevin had no clue that the LPM magic would take over his shirt ;)


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