Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LPM Lookbook Extras Part 1

Putt putt meets Jeffrey, DV and Asos

All clothing from La Petite Marmoset Vintage

Photos by Marshall Johnson of The President Wears Prada

Choosing the final lookbook photos was a tough task--- there were so many good ones! Here are some extra shots from H Street Country Club---- think casual bar meets adult playland (but not the cheesy Dave & Busters kind).  The upstairs putt putt course looks like DC landmarks on hallucenogens-- King Kong climbs the Washington Monument, a mini Lincoln Memorial can be found next to former presidents rising from the dead, 4 giant life-sized lego men... well I'm not sure where you'd see those on the National Mall but you can find them at H st!  

Also, Caroline (who is one bad mammajamma) churned out another LPM video--- doesn't it make you want to go stuff your face with pie?


Creative Concept
Carlis & Katya- Spicy Candy DC
Katherine Martinez- La Petite Marmoset
Carla Sanchez   (Spicy Candy DC)
Katya Ananieva (Spicy Candy DC)
Lacey Maffetone (A Lacey Perspective)
Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset)

Lead Photography/Editing: Marshall Johnson (The President Wears Prada)
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sebastian Marin (SMF0to)
Videography/Editing: Caroline Lacey 
Mansi Mehta
Morgan Mayes
Tamika Wilkins
Emma Jade
William Jovel

Hair and Makeup:

A special thanks to the following Hst businesses who allowed us to shoot on location:

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