Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Do these shots of Coke look like Whiskey?"--Extras Part 2

Photos by Marshall Johnson of The President Wears Prada

All clothing from La Petite Marmoset Vintage

Spicy Candy DC said that the moment they walked into Little Miss Whiskey's a year ago they thought "We have to do a lookbook here!" Between the crazy purple wallpaper and the velvet rock and roll-meets-grunge VIP room, we were in photo heaven.  The staff at Little Miss Whiskey's was very accomodating and let us pour "Coke shots" for the models--- it was a school night after all! (Of course, LaceySpicy and myself made sure to sample the real deal just in case...)

You're Invited: Tomorrow night Violet Boutique is throwing a holiday party/ La Petite Marmoset lookbook launch from 7-9pm --- we will have a section set up with reconstructed pieces as well as stand outs from the photoshoot!  After party at Whiskey's--- you don't want to miss it!

Creative Concept
Carlis & Katya- Spicy Candy DC
Katherine Martinez- La Petite Marmoset
Carla Sanchez   (Spicy Candy DC)
Katya Ananieva (Spicy Candy DC)
Lacey Maffetone (A Lacey Perspective)
Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset)

Lead Photography/Editing: Marshall Johnson (The President Wears Prada)
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sebastian Marin (SMF0to)
Videography/Editing: Caroline Lacey 
Mansi Mehta
Morgan Mayes
Tamika Wilkins
Emma Jade
William Jovel

Hair and Makeup:

A special thanks to the following Hst businesses who allowed us to shoot on location:

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