Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Let's pretend it's spring!"-- NOVA Mag shoot behind the scenes

 Crop tops and blue dress from La Petite Marmoset

All behind the scenes photos by Sebastian Marin (SMf0t0)

We finally get to share photos from an exciting project we worked on! In January, Ashley and I we were honored to have been invited to take part in NOVA magazine's spring style shoot featuring local fashion bloggers Spicy Candy DC, The President Wears Prada and DC Alejandra--- it's great to see that local media has picked up on the influence bloggers are having in the DC area! We visited local boutiques South Moon Under, Current, Pretty People Vintage, Periwinkle, and Shoe Hive to pick out pieces to style (Several LPM items made it in the spread as well!). We had so much fun spending the weekend at a farm--- it was like a big family sleepover.  Our big challenge? It just so happened that the day the shoot was scheduled was also the day mother nature picked to have the one big snow of the season. (In DC, people respond to the mention of "snow" as they did to "atom bomb" in the 60s)How to make it look like spring when there was clearly white fluffy stuff everywhere? Thanks to Marshall's strategic thinking and well executed photography, we were able to get some great naturally lit shots inside the farm house. I kind of want to live there...

Thanks again to NOVA Magazine for including us with in the feature with our clothing line--- we are so happy with the final results! (Doesn't Ashley look gawgeous?)


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  2. AMAZING Shooting...YOu are a lucky GIRLS...Awesome

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  3. oh, wow! amazing!


  4. Nice feature!!!


  5. That's so exciting! Congrats!!

  6. That's amazing, congrats!


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