Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disturbing the Peace

Do the walk-away

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Duster- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset similar one here), Shorts- DIY, Tank and necklace- Forever21, Clutch- Violet Boutique, Necklace worn as bracelet- Vintage, Boots- Asos

Personal style blogging has taken a back seat these past few weeks to more exciting pursuits like, oh, being glued to Photoshop all day long and editing for the online store/ figuring out how to print out shipping labels in Russian. No complaints here! It's been a lot of fun experimenting and learning what works and what doesn't work--- we have a lot to learn but have taken leaps and bounds from the sophisticated sheet-duct taped-to-the-wall photoshoots. (And then the sheet would come untaped and blanket the model like a cartoon ghost...good times!)

Had the chance to do a little DIY distressed denim with Waverly and Micshi using vintage high waisted jeans and lace table cloths--- I love the end result!  Expect to see more of these soon. Also, take heed: These are not to be worn during business hours! I racked up quite a few marriage proposals and puzzled looks when I went to lunch with Ashley while wearing these--- I'm not trying to say I'm ridiculously good looking or anything, people just aren't used to seeing this much leg in busy sectors of DC (unless it's Halloween). I will continue to pretend we're in California...

We have been updating the store everyday with new goodies--- here's one of my favorite neon floral fishtails!


  1. i LOOOVE those shorts and that clutch. And this fishtail skirt and cut out top are fantastic.

  2. OMG

    AMAZING AMAZING YELLOW OUTFIT...super cute with SHORTS. You are super pretty my dear.

    XOXO from MUNICH

    U can check my SKIRT SANDRO in:

    La VIE Quotidienne

  3. Love the yellow and black flowers :) cute!

  4. Better than I could have imagined!! & I love how you paired it with the bright yellow :) Can't wait for next Monday PS: I think I have a thing for a free cheese fondue next week!

    1. Thanks Waves! Me neittherrrr free cheese fondue sounds amazing!

  5. This outfit is wonnnnnnnderful!! Keep turnin them heads girl! lol

  6. Love, love, love your outfit! That clutch is perfect

  7. The duster and the clutch- perfection!

  8. Your style is very appealing to the eye. Hopefully I get a chance to see it first hand when I visit my sister, Naseya, from The Seventh District this summer.


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