Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boom Shake the Room!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Fringed Kimono- GirlOnAVine, Dress- Rave, Cross Necklace, Jewelry- [Forever21, vintage, thrifted, velvet lounge, and CleanWired], Headdress- Urban Outfitters, Boots- Asos

I've decided that my natural instinct is to run away as means of survival.  I'm a flighter, not a fighter.  Call me a yellow bellied coward, but it's all about survival of the fittest! For example, when the cops came to break up a party I had junior year of high school, I sprinted off into the woods ahead of a huge mass of people from my own house, hurdling through shrubs and over logs in the woods in the snow while wearing a sheer sequined tank top and high heeled boots. A fighter might have stayed and gotten a citation, but I didn't! (Ok, so maybe 20 people got stuck at my house and I eventually had to walk-of-shame my way back home so they wouldn't get arrested, but if everyone had run as fast, we would have all been fine!) I endured teasing backlash for years. 

So today, during the most intense earthquake to hit the DC metro area in 100 years, I did what flighters do best.  I realized the floor was not shaking due to the metro, threw my laptop and papers in the air, took off my 4-inch pumps and made a beeline for the door (pushing one of our patients out with me along the way. I'm sure he'll thank me later).  One fellow employee said I looked as if I had a parachute in my bag and was ready to jump out of our 12th story window. It was only after I reached the ground floor that I wondered if I should have waited for my cousin (who also works with me). Oh well-- not going to argue with Darwin! (she was fine by the way).

P.S. Apparently running down the stairs of a tall building is NOT what you're supposed to do in an earthquake, so maybe my flight philosophy fails :(


  1. I'm very glad we were all ok and that nothing happened to you, my dear. Because what would I do without your lovely style as a reminder of all things beautiful in the world?

  2. Looooove your kimono, it's gorgeous!

    Glad you are okay after today's shake up. Here on the west coast we're used to it!


  3. That top is so adorable! Nice accessories, too.

    xx Dagmara

  4. Beautiful kimono!
    LOL @ your highschool party. I would've done the same thing. Every man for themselves!
    The earthquake had me shook. At first, I thought someone ran up the stairs very loudly. Then when the rumbling stayed steady, it hit me. I, too, took flight and went right outside. Looking for something...anything...to duck under. Craziness.
    I'm just glad it wasn't worse and everybody was safe and uninjured.

  5. this tasseled kimono is AMAZING
    and yikes, hope everyone was okay in your area.. we felt a few tremors up here in nyc.. but i was sprawled lazily on my bed at the time and when it started to shake i thought it was just my dog scratching herself and causing some vibrations LOL. it wasn't until i saw that my tv was also quivering that i was like WHOAearthquake. my oblivion may be the death of me one day :/


  6. Wow...I would have done the SAME thing! Glad no one was seriously injured. BTW....I need that kimono in my closet like yesterday!!! Haute!


  7. Wow!, I love how you put them together!!! The fringe Kimono is absolutely beautiful!, and the headdress compliments your face too! hope you look into my blog sometime!, i just started working on it. Chao!


  8. love these photos
    absolutely wonderful! you’ve got a gorgeous blog, and i’m so glad i’ve stumbled across it for my first time! i hope you’ll come visit COSMICaroline for a Nashville-based source of inspiration for fashion, music, and art! keep up the awesome work!


  9. You look beautiful & i'm glad you're alright. x hivenn

  10. im happy you're alright!!<3<3
    and i love this outfit.. and your rings!!

  11. that fringe kimono is amazing!

  12. You are funny. Love your look and the fringe kimono. Hope you are safe from the hurricane or are you already safely in the hills. Xxxx


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