Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catwalk to Sidewalk

If this doesn't scream "Take my picture!" I don't know what does...  this man is my hero.
Also perfect.
Holy moly I've died and gone to shoe heaven!

Me with Carlis and Katya of Spicy Candy DC!--My favorite stylish blogger duo :)
Photos by La Petite Marmoset

Pleather Jacket- Rainbow, Dress- Vintage maxi converted to hi/low dress, Blue suede shoes- Enzo Angolini

I couldn't think of a better way to end my NYC trip than with a visit to Lincoln Center last Friday! Every time a show let out the plaza was flooded with style stars and bloggers scuttling around snagging quick interviews and photos-- took this opportunity to break out my blue suede shoes (the only real colorful pair in my closet, but that soon will change).  DSW, in what was probably one of the most nifty guerilla marketing campaigns I've ever seen, gave out free ballet flats with their name printed on the inside in a tiny convertible zip up bag-- After spending 3 days stilting around NY, it was a welcome gift!


  1. Great street style shots!!! it was so great to see you :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Nice street style shots as well!


  3. what wonderful photos!

  4. Ahhh I love Lincoln Center! I went there a couple of times this passed week and the energy was so great. Love your blog.


  5. awesome street style pics!! loving the girl in the spotty dress

  6. Great photos! You def captured style in this post! Just being on the outside of Lincoln center is a pure dream filled with excitement and all that glitters.

  7. awesome photos. I love the ruffle shoes!

  8. You can be a street style blogger on the side. For real. Great photos! Meanwhile, cute 'mullet' dress. ;o)

  9. great photos! the lady with the floral printed dress is photographer Taye Hansberry! I love her work and her blog


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