Thursday, December 15, 2011


Meet my new boyfriend...

Blazer and pendant necklace- Vintage, Dress- Vintage (From Thelma's Vanity reconstructed by Denisio Truitt), Clutch- Love Cortnie, Knuckle ring- Urban Outfitters, Bracelet- gifted, Flats- Deeny & Ozzy

Photos by Sebastian Marin

What's the best place to take photos while wearing a saucy red fringed mini dress and sequined clutch? The Mormon Temple of course! It's a stone's throw away from my house and I hadn't done a post there yet (it looks like the Disney Castle!) so I decided now would be good a time as any. Oh, and my new significant other? He's got a gig in the nativity scene ;)


  1. ZOMG you and the bf are adorbs. I see that going the distance ;)

  2. That is such a fun, adorable dress! And I'm loving your clutch :)

  3. nice blog!!! ;)

  4. Growing up I thought that temple was definitely Disney Land! I get so excited when I drive up on 495 and see it on the horizon thinking to myself, when are my parents ever going to take me to Disney Land! lolol.

    Anywho, the dress is so cute! I liked how you went the different route and wore it with flats.

  5. Love the tille of this post! BTW, I fell in love with your clutch last night, so sparkly and fun!

  6. I love your dress !!!
    and your ring is pretty amazing. !

    I can't wait to get one of cortnie's clutches !

    great post, & I love your blog.
    I'm now following : )

    I hope you can take the time to check mine out : )

    stay beautiful !
    xoxo, Shariece

    : )

  7. Looks stunning what a beautiful dress x

  8. i love your dress! it's so cute with all the fringe. very flapper 20's.

  9. CUUUUUTE! I love this dress and that clutch is so great! Ahhhh the Mormon temple... I live in Utah, so I know all about that shit.
    Great post! Check out my xmas wish list when you have a chance!
    Xo, Alexandra

  10. Love the red dress! Perfect for holiday parties right about now!

  11. Such a pretty little red dress! I also like that you wore it w flats! it gives it a casual,fun vibe! & as always your write ups crack me up!
    you are FUNNY!



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