Monday, December 10, 2012

Big News, With a Little Help From Drake

 Sequined sistas :)

All things sparkly- Vintage (Via La Petite Marmoset)

Here are a few snaps from the Red Sprinkle event held at the showroom two weeks ago--- Ashley and I were feeling just a tad festive as you can see.  

And that brings me to our big announcement...

We're pregnant!

Pregnant with excitement that is.  You see, thanks to the undeniable powers of YOLO, we've made some important life decisions:

1) I am moving to New York at the end of January to spend time learning and growing.  I will be interning with a multi-line showroom and taking design classes---- overall, just immersing myself in the industry and learning from people who know a whole lot more than I do :)

2) Ashley is starting her own online store and working towards opening a brick and mortar shop in DC called Anthom.  Think under-the-radar brands and indie designers in a boutique edited for the fashion forward. Watch her progress here :)

So what does this mean for LPM? Well, we're taking a break, a radical sabbatical you might say.  I will still continue to blog and share my new adventure with you, as will Ashley. We will look forward to working together again/collaborating in the future :)

I want to thank everyone who has supported us in and outside the DC community over the past two years---- we feel blessed to have been part of a growing movement and have learned so much!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at

 <3 Katherine 


  1. I'm so excited for both of you!! Of course I will miss you but love that you are following your passion! I see a major farewell party in your future! And I already love what I'm seeing with Anthom! Looking forward to Ashley's grand opening! xo

  2. Omg congrats ladies! !! Please lets have a girls night and farewell party before you leave.

  3. Omg congrats ladies! !! Please lets have a girls night and farewell party before you leave.

  4. OMG....congrats...but this is too sad...You are so amazing and I wish you the best!!

  5. First off, I got a little emotional reading this. I am proud of you both, I love seeing friends going off to live out their dreams. Amazing things to come for you both. I hope this just means one mean ass party before you leave, Katherine.. and hey I'll be moving up to NY too :) So that excites me! Woohooo.


  6. You only live once ! (in the flesh ) go girls!!! POWER MAKING MOVES!!!! I'm so glad to have met you guys and see you ladies evolve , take every opportunity and fly with it !!! the energy exploding from this post is amazing I can feel it. #champagnedreamscampaign is a must

  7. Congratulations! Big news but big great moves that will only bring great rewards in the future! Wishing you and Ashley the best in your respective ventures.

  8. Wow! That is big news!!! I love you both and I love LPM, but I am glad that you're pursuing your dreams. I have no doubt that you will be successful in your endeavors and I wish you both lots of luck and blessings from above. XOXO - Ana

  9. By the way, "take ma strong hand" lol! Love that movie fav!

  10. Congratulations!!


  11. I am very excited for both of you and your new adventures. Good luck and cheers!


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