Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Living Color

All Photos by Sebastian Marin

Dress- Thrifted nightgown, Gladiators-Steve Madden (via DSW), Floral headband- DIY, Cross Necklace- Forever21, Heart mood ring- Thrifted, Ram's head ring- My dad's, Chain Bracelet- Dearbearcat (via Etsy), Flower Bracelet- gifted

This night gown was completely sheer when I bought it, but two triangles of  skin-colored fabric sewn in the chest area + one black slip later and voila! Okay for the general public! Aside from frolicking around Free People-style in fields, I spent last weekend helping a friend move into her new fabulous DC apartment (she kept calling me "Mega Mover" because of "unnatural female strength", not sure how to feel about that! Maybe I can start another version of College Hunks Hauling Junk? Babes Moving Boxes? These are the kinds of things that occupy my thoughts...)

It was our first time shooting in black and white-- what do you think?


  1. great pics pretty lady!

  2. You are so beautiful. Love youre pictures.

  3. the black and white is stunning. you are so so gorgeous. adore the dress and turquoise cross and of course a headful of flowers. "Mega Mover"- you should so advertise these services, great story :)

  4. Thank you Mega Mover! Couldn't have done it without you ;) And I've decided that without the black and white, things would be too easy.

  5. Pretty dress (the color is amazing) and nice photos.


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