Wednesday, December 1, 2010

R.I.P Umbrella and Empanadas

Blazer- Thrifted, Dress, Headband, and Bracelet- Forever 21, Pumps- Urban Outfitters

Today, my measly little polka-dotted H&M umbrella was no match for the torrential rain and got beaten to a pulp.  It all started last night when I ignored an urgent email from my mom labeled "FLOOD WATCH"---She's always been the mom-who-cried-natural-disaster.  I had a group presentation in my English class today, and decided to dress in my best professional outfit to get extra brownie points- Suit, blouse, pearls, the works. I had just finished blowing out my hair when I noticed it was drizzling outside-- no biggie, I would just grab an umbrella.  (Cue impending doom music)

As soon as I turned onto campus, the rain gods smote down with all their fury. Wind and water smacked me in the face and flipped my umbrella inside out, dragging me away like one of those unfortunate nannies in Mary Poppins.  Massive puddles assailed from all angles and leaked into my boots.  My glasses fogged over from being whipped by my wet hair. I put up a good fight, but the rain had me from the beginning.  I actually started laughing like a crazy person and looked up to the sky as if to say "Okay, you won!"

When I stumbled into the building, I was met with interested glances-- "Wow, that girl got straight up OWNED" one person said.  My group mate saw me and instantly started laughing-- I pretty much looked like a scared wet animal. 

So as entertaining as pictures of that would be, I'm instead sharing photos of my outfit from Dad's Christmas party on Saturday.  It was a good time---great food, dancing, even face painting for the kids.  I think my favorite moment of the night was when I realized the label for one of the foods was misspelled-- it read "MEET EMPANADAS," which led me to think of the following scenario:

Empanada: Hi, I'm a meat empanada, nice to meet you!

Me: Hi empanada, I'm Katherine, [Gorges down empanada in one big bite] nice to meet you too!

Okay, so maybe this entire post has nothing whatsoever to do with fashion, but after today's traumatic experience, I could think about nothing else!

Wonderful Flaky Empanadas


  1. Yummy empanadas! :9

    Nice dress :) black is sexy ;)

  2. you look so adorable here! I hate being owned by rain haha :)


  3. oh thats so awful! nothing worse than getting pelted with rain when you're all made up for something!
    hope your preso went well :)
    gorgeous hair piece! & those empanadas look yummmy.x

  4. I love your style, especially all the colours you use! :)

  5. Hey do you know where you should find great empanadas? In Barcelona! The city of the empanadas!

  6. ok, i don't mean to laugh but that story made me have a good ol chuckle at my desk :) cute outfit and lovely blog!

  7. love the dress and the jacket!:))))

  8. Those empanadas look so nice and the dress is great , shape flattering.

    alexandra @

  9. looks delicious...!
    both, your outfit and the empanadas ;D

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  10. Love the back of it, you look lovely!

  11. Your shoes are incredible! And, i'm so sorry about your umbrella :(. But, the story was entertaining - sounds you too were somewhat laughing!


  12. Excellent post. You have found your calling :)

  13. You look exquisit! Oh the lace! It's beautiful!! And work those shoes honey!

    Love your blog, definately following! I would love it if you would follow mine as well!


  14. I like the pin in your hair and the pearl bracelet.


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