Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis' the Season to Be Wary?

Bolero- Mom's, Tank- Urban Outfitters, Shorts and Tights- Forever 21, Wedges-

This bolero jacket represents 1/3 of my Mom's outfit (mentioned in an earlier post) that she didn't want me to comandeer out of fear I would lose it. The pattern kind of reminds me of DNA strands.

We were in full blown Christmas mode this weekend--2 holiday parties, baking, light display tour AND non stop radio yuletide cheer-- I am a complete cheeseball when it comes to these traditions!

At the same time, something about this time of year keeps me on edge. Take Saturday for example-- Stopped by my mom's house to shower after the gym.  Upon exiting the shower, I was greeted by a man on a ladder outside the bathroom window. Eeek! I crouched down and ran to my room (while wearing a towel of course) and found ANOTHER man outside my window!  Ahh! Brother's room-- Window man! Ayiyi! I scurried to the next bathroom which I figured out was the only room with the blinds closed. 

 Who were these men, and why were they peeking in our windows? I was pretty sure they didn't need to be washed... And then it dawned upon me. My mom told me she was getting some guys to help her put up Xmas lights this year. A-ha! So that answered that question, but one remained--- How in the world do I get dressed without putting on my own "lights display?"

With my back pressed to the wall, I peered around the corner into my room. Guy was still there putting up icicle lights.  I took a deep breath, sprinted behind a bookcase (which was conveniently located right next to my dresser), grabbed some random clothes that didn't match, and made a run for it back to the bathroom. Whew! The thrill!

Later that day I stopped by the hardware store to grab some materials for this week's DIY (Don't worry, we're not building a house! You'll see tomorrow) As I walked up to the entrance, and old man standing by the door yelled to me, "CHECK OUT THESE NUTS!" Ahh! I averted my eyes as I hurried into the store.  Should I let Hardware City know they have a flasher outside?  Hoping the man would be gone when I left, I made sure to take my sweet time walking up and down the isles.  

Well, guess who was still there. As I darted out of the store, he once again yelled, "CHECK OUT THESE NUTS!" But this time I heard the rest of his sentence: "...for Kiwanis Charity!" Huh? I looked back and noticed a small table piled high with bags of gourmet nuts. Oh. Definitely didn't see that coming. 

I wonder whether his marketing strategy was effective, or if most people had a similar reaction. Either way, I felt a little sheepish afterwards. I think I'm going to go back and buy some nuts as gifts!

The mother of all nut baskets!


  1. i'm going to have to come back for sure!!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    come stop by the new and improved COSMICaroline!

    -CMA, COSMICaroline

  2. Your post cracked me up. I loved it!

  3. Similar with the nut seller that I met outside the church last Sunday. He really cracked me. But I was like stupid wearing special occasion suits during Sundays only to meet that nut seller who has a weird marketing strategy too!

  4. LOL love I this post! What a great jacket too!!
    Just found your blog and will be back :)


  5. really love this blazer!! <3 Love this post!! Great blog - I really like your voice.

    Please help me win the Sunglass Hut blogging contest by rating/liking the posts you like the best :) xoxo!
    <3 Jinna


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