Sunday, January 2, 2011


Faux Fur Coat- Filene's basement, Dress- Rave, Headband- Icing, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

And now back to our regularly scheduled posts! While I'm sure seeing vacation pictures of fauna and farm animals was positively riveting, I'm excited to get back to the heart of this blog-- clothes.  A couple of New Years resolutions:

1) Take better quality photos (Have been reading a photography guide for the canon rebel-- had no idea of some of the crazy things it can do!)
2) Start online store in the next two weeks--ASAP.
3) Continue to post weekly DIY's (I was working on one this afternoon that I think you're really going to enjoy! You'll see :))
4) Keep building great relationships with readers and other bloggers (Thanks to those of you who have been following! I've enjoyed exploring your blogs as well)

There they are! Hold me to 'em. Even though last year's resolution about eating healthier was abandoned the moment I saw a pack of Oreo cookies, something tells me this year is different :)


  1. I want a cutout dress!

    Good luck with your online store :-)

  2. love your dress and shoes! the whole outfit is amazing!!

  3. am loving the blog and the shoes! <3
    adding you to my faves :

  4. Your dress is so nice... I really like it ;)
    Perfect outfit


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