Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink Mafia

Jacket and blouse- Thrifted, Skirt and White dress- Forever21, Pumps- Urban Outfitters, Ring- Icing

Why hello there! Long time no blog (I feel so guilty!).  I was buried under a mountain of winter econ classes/ being sick (running around with bare legs in winter weather finally caught up with me!)/ at an awards banquet in Atlanta for the bf's promotion. Lousy excuses you say? Perhaps. 

Just realized that this skirt is one of two pink items of clothing I own (the other is a scarf). This pink-o-phobia is probably left over from my grammar school tomboy phase (everyone had one of those...right?) when I wanted to wear nothing but oversized t-shirts and raggedy knee-length jean shorts.  It got to the point when my dad would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my default response was "A gangster!"  My dad reassured me that yes, I could be anything I wanted to be, but "mob boss" wasn't included in acceptable career aspirations for a 4th grader. 

Still editing and uploading photos (Literally have been photoshopping in the library for the past 5 hours), hope to have the store up sometime this week!


  1. nice outfit !!

  2. lovely skirt! great ring too!

    The Flower Girl


  3. I love the military jacket. Never goes out of style. :)

    Castle Fashion

  4. Love your shoes!!!

    follow me here if like, I'll do it back to you ;)


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