Monday, January 3, 2011

Breakfast Sampler

Still waiting for my camera charger!

Leather trim jacket-Thrifted, Blouse-Indian store, Jeans and hat- Forever21, Shoes-

I distinctly recall buying this blouse on a hungover trip to IHOP back in high school-- there was a small store right next to it that sold Indian DVD's, CD's, and fashion accessories.  Nothing says Sunday morning like pancakes and shopping :)


  1. That's a thrifted jacket!? How do people do that!? I went to my local thrift store today and it was hard to find something that was 1. Of good quality and 2. My style...Or maybe it's just me!

    Either way, I love it.


  2. that indian shirt is so beautiful on you and those booties are fabulous!

  3. I remember that day!! It was after Prom I think... or maybe not? I remember we got persian ice cream. Or maybe that was another time...

  4. I'm such a shoes JUNKIE!! I love the shoes with the whole look, very edgy!

    Stay gorgeous!


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