Monday, February 21, 2011

Do the Creep

This afternoon I was approached by an old man (Anyone seen that SNL video "Do the Creep?" That kind of guy...) on a deserted street who found it mind boggling that I was taking photos without pressing any buttons.  I politely explained at first, but then he leaned in close (effectively popping my personal space bubble.), looked at me with big beady eyes through his thick rimmed glasses and asked for my number. Gah!  I declined as I folded up my tripod and ran (well, more like fast-walk-hopped in heels) back to my car. I've changed my mind about wanting a tiny monkey as a pet--considering buying a Rotweiler!
Been catching up with pictures from London Fashion Week on had to share some of my favorite looks from Basso & Brooke!  That crazy print coat in the middle is calling my name for next fall.

Jacket and top- Rainbow, Scarf- Thrifted, Pants- Zara, Booties-, Bag- Vintage


  1. Oh no! That's not good, I hate when things happen like that. When guys are such creeps!
    But hey you did have a great outfit on and what not! :)

  2. love your pants! and shoes.. and jacket..

  3. loving the b&B collection too... brilliant ... cool scarf detail on ur outfit

    follow if u like what u see?


  4. J'aime ta veste! C'aest tres super!

    Angela Donava

  5. you look so tall and pretty:) I like your jacket the most;)

  6. Hahaha @ experiencing a real life "Do The Creep?" guy. Anywho, cute outfit.

  7. I LOVE that jacket. And the booties, omg <3

  8. Such an amazing collection! Love all of the looks. BTW, I love your trousers.


  9. that guy sounds prettty creeepy! the booties are terrific and love them with cropped pants. amazing scarf!


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