Friday, February 11, 2011

Fright or Flight

An old abandoned Dutch Windmill in the middle of suburbia?

Sweater and Skirt- Mom's, Necklace- Forever 21, Socks- My brother's, Platforms- Jessica Simpson

Anytime I'm wearing more than one thing that belongs to a family member it's usually because I'm at home with no clothes (as was the case today!).  I rediscovered this shear pleated chiffon skirt while searching in my mom's closet. I remember helping my dad pick it out as a valentine's gift (it came with a red sequined blouse, 90's much?) when I was 7.  Both pieces still had tags on them! (clearly we chose a winner).  The sweater is a beautiful loosely knit mint green (I know it's hard to tell from the pictures).

Took these pictures in front of an abandoned victorian house by Walter Reed Army Center. This area is a hodge podge of random architecture-- within a 1/4 mile radius there's a dutch castle, chinese pagoda, windmill, and greek gymnasium.  The castle started out as a seminary for girls, then was a hospital for amputees after WWII, and then was left abandoned for decades (rumor has it that it's haunted by crazy soldiers-- we used to go there back in high school on boring nights for a good scare. More often than not I would be the first one begging to go home!)  The dutch castle and surrounding area is now being converted into apartments-- you couldn't pay me enough money to live there! 


  1. I love sweaters like that. very pretty :)

  2. I love the look!
    Isn't it funny when going through closets you can find something totally perfect that you got so long ago and have never worn?!
    I love it!

  3. this is one of my favorites of yours ever!!!! and i love socks and heels---i think it is the cutest combination, that is way underappreciated.

    ashley <3

  4. Amazing! love the skirt, even more because its your moms! so cute :)


  5. you look beautiful! that skirt is amazing and loving the dany platforms by j.simpson. they look great with the socks, what a cute idea!!

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  6. wow! these photos are just stunning despite the backdrop having assocations with death and frightful stuff. the outfit is so serene with that acool appeal. sweaters on maxi skirts are just amazing.

  7. You look gorgeous... I love the background, sounds like you live in a cool area!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. Got to LOVE this outfit, it's so great!

  9. beautiful :)

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  10. Wonderful post, i love it .

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  11. How beautiful is that windmill?!?!? Love your outfit.



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