Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat, Cheese, Love

 That's my "neat" handwriting!  I was the kid who used to have to stay in at recess and practice retracing the alphabet.

Dress- Sermon, Belt-Vintage, Pumps- Steve Madden, Pizza-Continental

What is it about Valentine's day that makes you want to get all goofy with a rose? (Maybe that's just me) All that was missing was some intense tango music.  

The bf is an extremely picky eater, so before we went out to a tapas restaurant (where I knew chances of him eating were slim) I surprised him with his version of a five-star gourmet meal.  I felt so cheesy (pun absolutely intended) when I went to pick up my order from Continental--"So I'm here for the no sauce cheese pizza...the one with the pepperoni heart?"  Apparently Papa John's was delivering heart shaped pizzas-- why didn't I hear about this sooner?? Either way, bf loved it (watcing him open the greasy box was like watching a Zale's commercial).  The best part was when we got to the restaurant and the waiter (who I happened to go to high school with) realized I was eating the entire Valentine's four course special...by myself.  I think we'll make this a tradition :)


  1. omgosh! haha i love this story. this is the best!

    love your outfit as well!

  2. how cute :))))

    xoxo from rome

  3. Great dress ! ;-) Havent had pizza in a while.

  4. besides looking stunning, you orchaestrate a pretty hilarious story :) the pizza is an extremely classy touch i might add, penmanship too ;)

  5. Your dress is amazing...I wish I had known about the heart shaped pizza's too. That would have been perfect for my late visit to the boyfriend's after school.

  6. OMG how cute is that!!! Love it.



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