Saturday, June 18, 2011


All photos by Sebastian Marin

Women's XL Shirt- Vintage, Bag- Vintage Dooney & Burke, Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Jewelry- Thrifted, Ring- Ireland, Feather Ear Cuff- Fancy That Accessories (Etsy)

On girl's night earlier this week we were flipping through random movies online when we came across Summer Lovers, an ode to European nudist vacations and ménage à trois--- If you ever wondered what Peter Gallager from the OC looked like at 20 years old wearing a speedo (or not wearing a speedo), wonder no more.

What impressed me the most was not the shameless sunbathing, but Daryl Hannah's effortlessly chic early 80's wardrobe-- it still looks completely fresh 3 decades later and represents everything I want to wear right now!

Loose, tucked, and tied. One shirt --3 ways.


  1. so much love in this look!
    - your feathers
    - your bracelet
    - your shirt and shorts <3

  2. Love you in the feather cuff!!
    thx for the support!

  3. Nice homage to Summer Lovers and airy shirts. If only the entire year could be this way.

  4. yep, fashion always returns so nothing ever really goes out of style! :D this outfit is awesome but the thing that attracts me most is those gorgeous legs of yours! :D

  5. love the bag! you are so beautiful, nice pictures :D

  6. I am in love with this outfit! I like when the shirt is tied the best, but either way your outfit is still super cute!

    <3 Kristina

  7. I love this outfit, and those shoes. And i have seen that movie, and it's say the least.

  8. I like best when the shirt is tucked in, but also when you've tied it at the bottom - looks great!

    La Mode Outré


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