Thursday, June 30, 2011


All photos by Sebastian Marin

Caftan- Vintage, Dress-Rave, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace-made by my aunt, Jewelry-Thrifted/gifted

This caftan/shawl/long sheer thing reminds me of the 90's kid's cartoon film Ferngully (which I found in the bargain DVD bin a couple of months ago, along with Hook!).  It's always interesting to go back and pick up on all the subliminal messages that went right over your head as a child, or in this case, realize that the creators of the movie were probably tree-hugging, free-loving hippies. (Also, Avatar inspiration-much?)  

P.S. La Petite Marmoset's first fashion show is next Sunday, July 10th at the DC Yards Park! 


  1. The shawl is beauitful! I love it! But I don't think I could pull it off as lovely as you did in the pictures.

    PS lol...I Ferngully is a classic cartoon! Everyone should know it! :D

  2. I love the Caftan! I just found your blog from your lovely email in DCFABB and I am happy to have found you! I am now following your chic site! Swing by and check mines out as well!

    Vogue & Vintage

  3. these photos are incredible, the clarity is insane! your shawl is superbly gorgeous, the pattern exquisite. and those JC's!

  4. Your caftan is beautiful. Wow. And fantastic photos. I will try my bestest to make your fashion show this Sunday.


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