Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jump Around!

You know it's an uneventful saturday night when...

Blazer and Button up- Thrifted, Pants- Forever21, Pumps- Cooperative (via UO)

This is my version of layering florals for spring.  I'm not crazy about these pieces separately but I love the way the prints look together!  

Spent most of the day-- correction--- ALL day shopping and am staying in tonight to recover/ save money for the trip.  I wasn't shopping for myself, however (although I might have snagged a trench from Zara. For practical purposes of course.)-- I was providing free personal shopping services to my world of warcraft-obsessed 18 year-old brother (If I don't take him, he never buys new clothes!). We bonded over conversation about neither of us being able to fit into most skinny jeans because of inheriting our Greek side of the family's spartan quads.  I also gave him a lesson in pairing different colored ties with dress shirts, and explained the importance of wearing undershirts (girls don't want to see sweat stains!). I felt like his shopping fairy god mother--- my kind of day!

Later this evening when I was snapping photos, my 4 year old brother popped his head in to see what was going on.  He loves to be photographed-- somehow this turned into dragging in the mini-trampoline and doing split jumps while wearing red sunglasses!


  1. Fun pictures! Your brother is adorable. Love the way your mixed the pieces together. It absolutely flows.

  2. aw i love the pictures with the mini tramp, so adorable your brother is sucha little cutie!

    anyways, i love your outfit, and i love how you mixed the two florals, it looks very nice! :)

  3. love those shoess!!!!!
    the last few pictures look so fun!!


  4. Wow, I'm pretty sure I saw you at the mall today if you were at Montgomery Mall. Haha. I kept thinking to myself, "This girl looks SO familiar!"

  5. adorable! you should've done all your pics on the trampoline,hahaha :D I love the double floral, very fierce!

  6. love the floral on floral, so chic!! and awwww! he is so adorable!


  7. i LOOVE the mix of patterns here, you're so classy chic always girl ;). and OMG your little bro is SO cute!! haha. i loved how he came into your shots, too adorbs. :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  8. the mixed prints is genius! you pull them off swimmingly. they look so great paired together. your brother is insanely cute. the pictures are great fun! who doesnt like to leap and jump around!

  9. Everything about your outfit is perfect! <3 The two sets of florals look amazing together! + I adore your blazer! x

  10. omgggg these are too cute!!! and so funny!!! your little brother reminds me of my little bro!! always chilling in his pjs and poking his head around to see what's going on!! love the mixed prints!!

    ashley <3

  11. You're right - the layers of florals look great together! :)


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