Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watch Your Step!

Trench- Zara, Scarf- Thrifted, Shorts and tee- Forever21, Boots- Some random store

On the way to Dublin we stopped by the ruin of Clonmacnoise (still not completely sure how to pronounce it), a monastery along the Shannon River filled with old Celtic crosses and tombs dating back to 545 AD (it was suprisingly peaceful-- i'm not usually one for graveyard sightseeing!

Later that night we ate at a restaurant called "The Church" which was quite literally as its name suggests. The food was heavenly :)


  1. love your wellies, they seem fit for the terrain. the graveyard looks like a sight even if it is a graveyard! ireland looks amazing

  2. I'm obsessed with cemeteries (the older the better!) so I can only imagine how happily freaked out I would have been. Jealous! :)

  3. AMAZING amazing photos! I love your outfit, you look stunning. such gorgeous scenery!



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