Thursday, March 10, 2011

There's Nothing a Pint o' Guinness Won't Fix

The Cliffs of Moher-- one of the guys in our group proposed to his girlfriend at the top :)
My old manager wearing his most stylish ensemble-- he really wanted to make the blog!
U2 cover band at Quay's Pub-- the lead singer was a complete Bono doppelganger!
Military Jacket- Zara, Dress- Vintage, Boots- Big Buddha, Bag- Style & Co, Faux fur coat- Filene's, Celtic-style ring- Galway

Things I learned in Galway
1) Up until a few years ago, rural doctors still prescribed a pint of Guinness for pregnant women with iron deficiency.
2) McDonald's is still the restaurant that stays open the latest.
3) A "trolly dolly" is Irish slang for a loose woman.
4) You can experience all four seasons in one day.
5) There are people here who still speak Gaelic and not one word of English.
6) Ordering an Irish car bomb is offensive-- instead call it a "Petro-bomb."
7) Topshop, Selfridges, River Island, and Warehouse within a 1/8th mile radius= bad news for Katherine's wallet!
8) Irish people love to sing.


  1. okay first, that is just so adorable the guy proposed there!
    second, that picture of that guy is hilarious, those shoes omg.
    three, i love your dress, and your ring with the language that i cannot understand.
    glad your having a good time there!

  2. Looks as though you're having a great time, and of course looking fabulous!

    Your old manager cracks me up, love the Maryland tee with the Five Fingers. Made me laugh out loud at my desk!

  3. Best believe I'm going to use 'trolly dolly' one of these days.

    Glad you're enjoying yourself, so far.

  4. How lucky! You look so stylish. Really like the rings!

  5. the first outfit is boho-ness awesomeness. the dresss is lovely. that guy is quite the personality! the colourful sights are so charming. we can see your having a great time!

  6. i love the belted military jacket - such a fresh look!

  7. Oh how I love Ireland! I studied abroad there in college and want to go back! I'm so jealous! Will you be there for Paddy's day? If so, get ready for the party of a lifetime!

    Enjoy a fresh Guinness for me! Speaking of totally need to have a bartender make you a baby guiness shot or an irish flag shot. Delish!

    Have fun!

  8. The dress on the first few pics looks great with the jacket.
    I also love the pics (:


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