Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Fringe

What languages are these? I recognize four of them but I'm clueless as to the rest.

Fringe Jacket- BB Dakota (via Sky's the Limit), Tank- Thrifted, Legging Pants- Forever21, Boots- Steve Madden

Got a chance to spend a full day exploring in Dublin-- our company did a massive scavenger hunt/pub crawl that involved snapping photos in front of landmarks all over the city with a GPS tracked camera phone (they wanted to make sure people weren't cheating so they had us send them the photos as we took them. We happened to get the phone with the faulty camera!), answering 80 rapid fire text message questions about Irish culture (that not even random people on the street could answer correctly), and figuring out random riddles (Like, "what do you fill with empty hands?" I still don't know the answer).  We got so competitive that the free pints along the way became an afterthought.

That night we went out in the Temple Bar area (the locals stay away and say it's uber-tourist-y, but it's still so much fun!) to drink away our defeat (apparently one of the other teams had a riddle-cracking genius).  Moment of the night: Hearing a techno remix of the Charlie Sheen interview at one of the clubs! (You know you're big when...)  It basically consisted of bass bumping the phrases "Winning" and "Pounding 7-gram rocks" and a deep male voice saying "CHARLIE SHEEEN" in a German accent every 10 seconds.  New #1 hit?


  1. you did get that fringe jacket afterall! (i knew it). its a gorgeous jacket. a scavernger hunt in an unfamiliar place is always great! I think it will be a new number one, its charlie sheen.

  2. Love that jacket so much! Great outfit dear - and how fun is it that you are in Dublin! Have an amazing time!

  3. Oh the fringe jacket is SUCH a good purchase. Totally love it. And I love your Dublin posts and photos!

  4. When I saw the title of the post, I KNEW you'd be wearing the fringe jacket. Are you happy with it? I wore mine last weekend with a similar outfit, only I wasn't wearing super skinny pants cause I'm not as thin as you are. : ) I love the weight of it but I had to be careful not to get the fringe in my food when I was eating. It looks great on you, and I'm so glad to see that I actually managed to wear it almost the way you did. Maybe I'm learning something from you and the other fashion blogs (Wardrobe Oxygen) after all!

  5. Great jacket!


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