Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Photos by Sebastian Marin

Top and Clutch- Vintage, Sunnies and Glitter shorts- Forever21, Bracelet- Thrifted, Shoes- Cooperative

Is summer really over? I don't think I can face it yet. My little brother started kindergarten this week and I couldn't help but tear up a little (you should see me during The Lion King).  He turned 5 in July after looking forward to it all year, and just like that, "I can't wait to be six!" became his  catchphrase.  I tried to talk him out of getting older, but he is convinced that when he is six he will be able to own and operate his own T-shirt factory. "I'll sell the coolest shirts!" he said,  "Everyone at school will want them!" 

They just grow up so fast, don't they? (*tearing up some more*). Wearing polka dots automatically lifts your spirits!

Anyone else going to NYFW? Excited to go to the IFB conference next Wed and then stick around for the next two days-- would love to meet up with some of you!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Vest- Vintage, Tank, sunnies and belt- Forever21, Pants- BDG (via UO), Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Chainmail purse- vintage, Cuff- Velvet Lounge, Rings- F21, Cleanwired and Vintage

This past Saturday (otherwise known as stay in and stuff your face full of brownies/ watch old movies and wait for Hurricane Irene day) I played the video for "Moves Like Jagger" on repeat-- This then led to what I call the Never-ending Search. You know, when you ping-pong between Google Images and Wikipedia (with a little Youtube/IMDB curveball thrown in?) and finally snap out of it by telling yourself you are never touching your computer again?  As a result, I know all there is to know about Mick Jagger, his 4 fabulous wives and 7 ridiculously cool kids. (I swear I'm a productive member of society).  I also want to wear leather fringe and bright red pants everywhere. And I never wear pants.

Here are some of the pictures I found while doing my, um, research. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girl-of-the-Week: Alexandra Mackey

Pumps- Pour la Victoire

"This girl has the most amazing closet, you must see it!" was how I was first introduced to Ally Mackey.   An AU law student and former buyer for Bloomingdales (and soon-to-be blogger), Ally has a carefully curated personal collection that mixes high-end basics with stand out pieces for a look that is the perfect classic-meets-trendy mix (no fashion victims here!). Basically, we have a huge girl crush on her (And not just because she's half-Colombian--- although I may be a little biased).

Spent Sunday afternoon taking a tour of her fabulous digs-- check out the photos and interview below!

Name: Alexandra Mackey 
Age: 25 
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Occupation: Law Student 

How would you describe your style and where do you get your inspiration from? It's a mix of current trends with classic pieces.  I've lived in both New York and Los Angeles so I have tons of classic black pieces (blazers, skinny jeans, and leather jackets) and I love to pair those with bohemian SoCal style items, like funky earrings or bracelets.  I get my inspiration from both those cities and my best girlfriends, who have closets that Carrie Bradshaw would kill for. 
What item(s) are in heavy rotation in your closet right now?  My dark denim skinnies with one of my colorful silk tanks. And my soon-to-be re-soled gladiator sandals.  

How has your style changed/adapted (if at all) to DC life? I've been forced to wear more color.  In New York you can get away with wearing all black all the time - that's not the case here.  However, I will never fully understand the allure of Vineyard Vines.  
Favorite shops/brands? I'm a lover of all things DVF - no one designs more figure flattering clothing.  I'm into Rag & Bone right now (they just opened their M St. shop here in DC) and my favorite store for a taste of Southern California style is LF.  

Favorite DC spots? Bar Pilar and my rooftop. (<--on a side note, it's a good thing we got to see that amazing view of the National Cathedral from her apartment before the earthquake!) 

Gifted David Yurman necklace from her sister that she always wears as a bracelet
Custom made riding boots from Ecuador
Most excited to wear this fall: Something faux fur - it's on my wishlist.  And I will take the liberty to add to this question. "Trend I'm most excited to see someone else wear: An all polka-dot outfit. I don't have the guts but I love the idea."       

What current trend could you live without? See-through skirts.  I've seen them in a few magazines as a trend for the fall. Not for me.

Blazer- BCBG-- the perfect layering piece!

Lacey and Ally at last night's DC fashion blogger meetup

In five years, in your ideal situation, you are _________   Employed!   

What else should we know about you? This rad girl from La Petite Marmoset inspired me to start my own fashion blog. 

Thanks Ally! I think you're pretty rad as well :)

All photos by La Petite Marmoset

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boom Shake the Room!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Fringed Kimono- GirlOnAVine, Dress- Rave, Cross Necklace, Jewelry- [Forever21, vintage, thrifted, velvet lounge, and CleanWired], Headdress- Urban Outfitters, Boots- Asos

I've decided that my natural instinct is to run away as means of survival.  I'm a flighter, not a fighter.  Call me a yellow bellied coward, but it's all about survival of the fittest! For example, when the cops came to break up a party I had junior year of high school, I sprinted off into the woods ahead of a huge mass of people from my own house, hurdling through shrubs and over logs in the woods in the snow while wearing a sheer sequined tank top and high heeled boots. A fighter might have stayed and gotten a citation, but I didn't! (Ok, so maybe 20 people got stuck at my house and I eventually had to walk-of-shame my way back home so they wouldn't get arrested, but if everyone had run as fast, we would have all been fine!) I endured teasing backlash for years. 

So today, during the most intense earthquake to hit the DC metro area in 100 years, I did what flighters do best.  I realized the floor was not shaking due to the metro, threw my laptop and papers in the air, took off my 4-inch pumps and made a beeline for the door (pushing one of our patients out with me along the way. I'm sure he'll thank me later).  One fellow employee said I looked as if I had a parachute in my bag and was ready to jump out of our 12th story window. It was only after I reached the ground floor that I wondered if I should have waited for my cousin (who also works with me). Oh well-- not going to argue with Darwin! (she was fine by the way).

P.S. Apparently running down the stairs of a tall building is NOT what you're supposed to do in an earthquake, so maybe my flight philosophy fails :(

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Night Walker

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Women's 3XL silk blouse- Vintage, Dress worn as skirt- Asos, Cuff, pyramid and knuckle ring- Forever21, Quartz ring- CleanWired, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Coming soon to a theater near you--a tale of drama, suspense, and late night munchies starring The Jeffrey Campbell Night Walkers! 

These bad boys have got to be guilty of some shoe-code violation. When I first received them, I felt a mixture of shock and awe (mostly shock, then a little dread). How was this whole walking business going to work? Would I need paramedics on standby?  Naturally, the best place to test out gravity defying heels is in the parking lot of a chinese take-out.  What you don't see in these pictures is the guy taking orders hiding out in the back kitchen whispering to the cooks, not sure what to make of my outfit or the photos.  Thank you, staff of Red Ginger--I'll be coming back for an order of meat dumplings and fried rice with $2 extra shrimp :)

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