Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crop Tops Win!

Cardigan- The Limited, Brassiere top- Thrifted, Skort- Thrifted, Oxfords- Urban Outfitters

I had an argument with someone the day I wore this that went a little something like this:

Person Who Shall Remain Anonymous: Why are you wearing a belly shirt?!

Me: It's not a belly shirt, it's a crop top!

PWSRA: Belly Shirt!

Me: Crop top! The Crop top is the classier older sibling of the belly shirt.  Instead of showing the belly button, it shows a neutral strip of skin above it.

PWSRA: Whatever it is, it's tooo scandalous for class.

Me: Haven't you ever seen Clueless?

PWSRA: Yea, whatever, it's the movies! People don't actually go out dressed like that.

Me: Well this person does! I'm Outtie.

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  1. That top is utterly beautiful!



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