Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Please clear the sidewalk-- I mean runway!"

Henry of Vemula Photography

Hair and Makeup:
Shayna & Tiffany

Some of my favorite photos from the show! Each girl wore two looks for a total of 16. I'm in love with dress #5 in this post-- it was originally just a straight hem below the knee but we altered it to be high/low.  The show literally took place on a big open sidewalk at the outdoor market ( a couple of confused elderly Nationals fans wandered into the "runway" and almost ran into one of the girls!).   After the first couple of looks people figured it out and those who hadn't already sat down to watch. 

All the models, makeup/hair artists and photographers did a great job-- thanks guys!


  1. oh nice, Love the clothes you are selling! great pics. xxx

  2. lovely looks!!!


  3. these are such fantastic looks. the jacket in the 6th picture is divine. all the dresses especially the colour blocking one are stunners. great job and congrats on the show!

  4. Your pieces are lovely! And congratulations again.

  5. Katherine sooo impressed! I also LOVE LOVE #5


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