Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woman in the Mirror

Blouse- Vintage (Dior), One piece/swimsuit- Thrifted, Harem Capris- Tennis, Platforms- Aldo, Chainmail Necklace- Forever21

I proclaimed my love for Michael Jackson's style in a post from a few months ago (here) , and without even intending to, I dressed like him again!  I can just imagine good old Jacko with his curly locks and open shirt blowing in the wind as pyrotechnics shoot off in the background.  A tip when thrift/vintage shopping: Scour the swimwear section! A lot of times you'll find not only swimsuits but one piece body suits (a la American Apparel) that get thrown in there.  This one was perfect for our 78 degree Monday (please come back!)--- I just lay outside between classes soaking up some Vitamin D while getting my reading done (I know that's bad but I couldn't help myself!)


  1. i love this outfit. like a lot.
    i love that you wore the one piece / swimsuit. And I love the back of it.
    The red blouse adds a really nice touch as well.
    and i am so jealous of your 78 degree weather!

  2. I love those shoes so much.

    C x

  3. I love those shoes! Great outfit, so easy and cute!

    Quench Fab

  4. SO CHIC, love the outfit!

  5. adore your blazer!!

  6. loving those shoes and the back of that one piece!

  7. love the red blazer!

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  8. I love the color of the toenails! so chic :D


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