Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What do Charles Barkley and I Have in Common?

Shirt- Thrifted, Light pink shorts and necklace- Forever21, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

This is the type of shirt I could imagine someone buying while on vacation at the resort gift store for a one-time golf excursion.  My experience with said sport consists of going to the driving range back in high school, taking out my frustration with a couple of swings (a friend said it was therapeutic)  and basically shaming the entire golf community with my lack of skills. It was bad-- like Charles Barkley bad.  Let me put it this way: At beach putt-putt, the four year olds laugh at me/ complain to their parents that I'm taking too long. To be fair, some of those courses are pretty damn elaborate! 

T-minus one day until freedom :)


  1. Why were you in Silver Spring today?

  2. YOUR SHOES! the entire outfit!! gorgeous xxx

  3. way cool. the shirt has an amazing pattern, golf anyone? golfing is an mighty challenge, I believe I would have done the same. love the shorts and this whole loook!

  4. that shirt is so cool! love the shoes too! :D

  5. those heels are AMAZING!
    xo, Alexandra


  6. Haha like the first commenter I thought, "that's Silver Spring!"

    Only you could rock such a shirt, and you do it well!

  7. I love this look, those shorts and shoes are awesome!

  8. So glad to find some other DC Bloggers! you look amazing!


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