Thursday, September 13, 2012


Cheesy joke mural or political message?

Photos by Lise Silva

Sweatshirt and backpack-Vintage (via La Petite Marmoset), Skirt- Thrifted, Collared blouse- Asos, Necklace- belongs to LPMAshley, Knuckle ring- Pure Dead Brilliant, Bracelet- gift from Venezuela, Shoes- Michael Kors

Remember your first love? I'm not talking about the boy in 1st grade with the curly locks eating Lunchables across the cafeteria table or Jonathan Taylor Thomas (who's 31??), i'm talking about your first worn out, balding, suffering stuffed animal companion whether it was an elephant, cat, or monkey. Mine was named "Mr. Bear" and he had a serious case of cataracts (my dad being an eye doctor warned me about his condition).  It was an abusive relationship--- I yanked him around by the arm everywhere we went until all his stuffing settled on one side. I refused to let him take baths for weeks at a time and forced him to read Madeline books ad nauseam.  Like many first loves, Mr. Bear and I were not meant to be forever--- there came an awkward period where I wasn't sure if I wanted to take him to sleepovers anymore and my mom commented that we were growing apart.  I would stash him away when friends visited, not wanting to look like I was still attached.  He never complained.  Eventually it came time for us to part ways--- he packed up and moved upstairs to the attic, I kept the room.    

Consider this sweatshirt a tribute :)


  1. This is so cute, I can't believe the whole outfit is vintage - just goes to show you what goes around comes around, since mine came recently from JCrew, haha. Love the story about Mr. Bear too! :)

  2. I love your little story! My first bear was named Pooky but I dressed him in flowery and lace dresses hahaha. I took Pooky to college with me and to Spain when I studied abroad! LOL

    1. Thanks! Haha thats awesome, clearly you were a much nicer companion :)

  3. love this sweatshirt! ...& this mural!!...i saw it the other day when i was downtown & i was rolling!...i'm such a cornball!!


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