Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors: LPM Oct 2012 Lookbook


 All clothing from La Petite Marmoset 

I'm a huge pansy. HUGE. I haven't seen a horror movie in 6 years, and every time an ad for Paranormal activity comes on Hulu I hit mute and close my eyes (lalala not listeninggg)

Sooo, when Lise suggested several weeks ago that we do a Dia de los Muertos/seance themed lookbook, I got so scared planning out the details that the sound of the wind slamming a door upstairs sent us scrambling into the hall with a chef's knife. I swear we heard footsteps!  Anyway, once Lise calmed me down we gained the courage to re-enter into the showroom, Lise crept upstairs (knife in hand) and karate kicked the doors open to investigate... and of course found nothing. We broke into adrenaline-fueled laughter.

It's precisely these types of pee-your-pants, scare yourself silly moments that we wanted to show in this lookbook.  From W Salon's oxblood lips and crown braids, to Ashley and Carlis' great styling mix, to Lise's original artwork, to Caroline's creative videography and the models tip-toeing the line between spooky and sexy... everything came together beautifully. But still kind of scary. But also pretty. And scary. But still fun. And now I am afraid to sleep in the room where we shot the seance. You get the idea ;)

LPM October Lookbook "Smoke and Mirrors" Credits 
Creative Direction/Photography:


Ashley Turchin- La Petite Marmoset
Katherine Martinez- La Petite Marmoset
Carlis Sanchez- Spicy Candy DC
Lise Silva
Megan Mosig- W Salon VA
Ann Cornelius- W Salon VA

Gabriella Cauterucci
Dia de Los Muertos Sketch- Lise Silva
Saturn Devouring his Son- Francisco Goya


  1. I'm such a greek myth buff i started screaming from laughter at the Krono's picture of him eating his children haha.

  2. Loooove this lookbook!! It's so different from the other ones because of all the spooky stuff, but it totally works :) Another great job by team Marmoset<3

  3. Love this,really do! Great Lookbook my Dear.x


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